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  • 20. Re: Silencers OP? Next COD

    LOL...silencers being op?? I have a friend who gets angry when people strafe as he's shooting them...

  • 21. Re: Silencers OP? Next COD

    Well running is Op in this game isn't it? LOL.

  • 22. Re: Silencers OP? Next COD

    You are obviously not a GB player. Any player with a higher understanding of the game knows that for every other shot fired with the silencer the bullet does not do damage, persay we fire a round of 20 shots. About 10 -15 will hit the enemy and depending on lag it might be less.

  • 23. Re: Silencers OP? Next COD

    That is not how a silencer works.

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    Whenever a UAV is up, don't people register up as heat in order for them to show up on the map? And supressors reduce sound and heat coming from the weapon, so you don't show up on the map.... Oh, sorry. I thought we were talking about reality here, and everyone knows this is just a game. I'm so silly.

  • 25. Re: Silencers OP? Next COD

    Not OP imo. Obviously on snipers it's 100% useless, AR it's really only good for Ak-47 since it has a good range to begin with, Smg's sure it's usually good but you're close to the target anyway and it doesn't give you a huge advantage....I think suppressors are well balanced in this game, honestly I only use them on weapons with obstructive muzzle flash, otherwise I'd prefer something without negatives such as extended mags, heartbeat, noob tube, or a simple optic (red dot).

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    Hahaha, it seems thate everybody using the suppressor is just that. Think about it...


    ACR 6.8 with Heartbeat Monitor and Suppressor, with Assassin Pro.


    Now you can chase down those red dots without fear of showing up as one yourself. Not only will you never show up as a red dot on anyones radar or equipment, now nobody can take down your radar with CUAV or EMP to prevent you from chasing after those red dots like a headless chicken.

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    You want to go realistic? Ok we can sort that. You get no HUD, no respawn, no bullet dodging etc. You get the idea. A bit like hardcore on the display options, and no respawn no matter the game mode (a bit like permanent SnD). Is that real enough for you?

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    Silencers are gash unless there on lmg's cause it doesn't affect the power whatsoever. Where as on an smg your looking at a 6 bullet kill, maybe even more from further range. All you need on an smg is rapid fire or ext mags

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    By far the worst argument for the removal of silencers i've ever heard.
    Here's why:


    A) Overused doesn't mean its cheap or OP

    B) Relating a weapon attatchment to a gun is a bad comparison

    C) "Manliness" has nothing to do with a weapon attatchment/playstyle in a Video Game

    D) One would think that unsportsmanship would be along the lines of:

         -Quitting early

         -Being unsupportive of your team

         -Not admitting defeat/Being prideful

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