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As i reached prestige 14, i planned to use my last token from prestiging by reaching 15 to "reset stats"...have a well k/d, but thought could improve it some more, also the w/l-stat...


now, a friend of mine who reached prestige 15, did it and used the token for "reset-stats" and LOST ALL !!! not only his stats were resetted, but his PRESTIGE TOO, as he was resetted back to rank 1, zero prestige, after a gametime of over 20 days !!!...


is that usual? or is this a mistake? a failure in system? and if so, why are the informations bout this loss are not more clear?


when i saw this option first time, thought you just lose your points, stats of k/d, etc. and never, ever believed (!!) you lose your prestige too !!! and if usual, does this make sense?


the idea, that it could be me, brings me near a heart-attack, loosing all, so i have to thank him for saving my life, the reason i help him here with this thread, as his english isn't best (mine too, but i guess, you able to get my point ,)


so please tell me if this is usual or if there's a way to restore his stats and prestige before using the token for this %§?&§, as noone would ever thought about consequences like that...and as we also reached our prestige WITHOUT using glitch and spending this high amount of gametime...


please believe me that this is really annoying, so i look forward to a response...PLEASE IW, NEED HELP !!!