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Merging clans : 100 recruiting also.

My clan is level 8 clan now with almost 20 members. Any Clans out there struggling who would like to merge give me a shout SumBacon on XBL and we can talk. We enlist in ALL clan ops now, and are looking for more members to help out with them. We are also recruiting any and all members for just fun.  If you would like to join hit up SumBacon on XBL and i'll invite.

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    I'll Throw you a counter offer.


    I'm part of Instant Death Squad. We've been around since 2009. We have over 500 registered members on our website and are ranked as a top 20 clan by both Enjin and Top 100 Clans, and we actively participate in GB's, Clan Ops (level 21), ect. We have a professional website, and an organized ranking structure.


    I know it can be difficult for small clans like yours to get a hold in the gaming community, so im offering you a chance for you and your men to join our ranks, we're always looking for active members to join our brotherhood. If your interested please check us out at www.instantdeathsquad.net , and if you like what you see there, fill out an application!


    hope to see you - tomb833

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    Hit up SumBacon to talk about merging