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    everybody has the ability to hack and so what its not like it will hurt ur sons freinds wii not to be mean bujt it will just messs up his stats not his wii at all

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    or just stop complaining

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    Thank u!!!!!! fin naly  some1 with respect to other ppl the onkly reason half the pp hack is cuz WII BLOWS SO BAD ITS  RIDICULUS also they hack cuz the game is so bad comapred 2 xbox and ps3

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    OttoBaller22 wrote:


    nintendo has nothing to do with the game treyarch does nintendo cant update the ga,e and stuff and their busy making a wii u   so their nt gonna waste time on the normal wii that they know is a peice of **** and its because of the graphics lack of kill streaks and it all happen=s because the memory for the wii is too little

    Yeah what ever. Do you actually think about the stuff you say before you say it or do you have a natural talent for Bullsh1t? Just saying. Lay off the crack mate..

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    OttoBaller22 wrote:


    hey ******* its a cocde where u can make ur voice change pitches at different times so mabey u wanna look into it befor u try 2 act cool and if ur not a hacker what the **** r u doing on codeleakers!? thought so  "just looking" shure u were forwhat codes to try 2 mock out that u dont even kow they are?  stfu befor u post something from now on ok


    shows how sad hacxker wanna bes r

    I guess you already answered my question in my post above. Bullsh1t does come natural to you. Btw, before you try and tell people how to better themselves, learn to spell dipsh1t..

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    says the one u spells like this ..."dipsh1t"  cuz ur momys gonna find out right snd i know alota hackers that will get ur ip adress and **** u up

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    I never recall being this stupid when I was younger. Must be the new generation of kids or maybe bad parenting. This kid is a snot nosed brat.

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    I fail to see your reason to hack.

    Because the wii version of the game is "so bad compaired to the Ps3 and Xbox"?

    Are you trying to type on your keyboard with your face? Learn to spell, and learn what's right from wrong.

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    Games these days are so easy they don't encourage young teens to work hard for something, instead they just insta-gratify them with huge music, explosions, tits and blood/gore.


    So they never had to think hard about something as easy as timing jumps, which became a daunting task or something as hard as chaining 10 moves in a perfect order to pull of a Fatality!!


    So now we have these lil whiny crybabies that have absolutely no hand-eye coordination or even a capability to think/react. These crybabies love to get instant-gratification so if they hit a button they want the game to pad them in the back and show them how awesome they are, in Single player that aint hard because AI is completely retarded and you can tone down the level as low as you want, but on multiplayer it's completely different.


    Players on a public match are way faster than AI which is too good for little kids that don't know how to aim, much less fire and strafe, which leads to little kids getting angry and frustrated and calling everyone that kills them "hackers" "noobs" blablabla... which then leads into little kids hacking the game so they can actually get kills, this ruins the game completely because it's giving a stupidly huge advantage to a player that hasn't earned it.


    I'm gonna finish this off with a really short story about this:

    So I was playing TDM with some of my clan mates, we had a 3 man party and we weren't stacked or anything we were just playing to have fun (we 3 all have a 2.5 KDR) and all of a sudden a young kid jumps in the lobby, Third Prestige level 35, nothing big... his KDR showed a whopping 0.79 KDR... so he starts chatting "hey guys, I just got a MOAB it was awesome I killed everyone blablabla" so his buddy jumps in... No prestige level 50 (0.56 KDR) and he's like "Yeah guys I saw him get it".

    So we are like "Cool dude awesome, we don't believe you"

    Game starts...

    We stomp them with a final score of 7500 - 2000,

    Post-game lobby and trash talk.


    Us: "Yeah dude, nice MOAB"

    Kid: "You guys are hackers"

    Kid continues to rant: "Profanity your profanity, profanity mother profanity"


    Us. "We are not hackers you just suck"

    Kid: "All I'm gonna say is you guys are hackers"


    Next game starts...

    Kid is now Chuck Norris... jumping super high, running super fast and through walls, shoots through walls, has unlimited explosives, calls in Predator Missile, all kills are headshots.

    After 2 minutes of his rampage... we decide to quit.


    This is how kids play/react and deal with their problems these days... sad future if this type of attitude spreads into more of our youth.


    Thanks for reading

    [WpFd] Blade X

    PS: We really aint hackers, this kid was just terrible. We aint that good xD

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