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  • 10. Re: Support kill streak is a joke

       First .......... lets not forget that its there to reward the people who play the objective. People have always complained about killwhoring, and while I welcome those guys on my team ( I think you need a nice mix of tactics to make a good team ) I do think objective players have always gotten screwed.


      But as far as it goes for any other players using it ... so what? I can string together 5 kills and get a predator/airstrike/heli a couple times a match just as easily as I can get a stealth bomber. ....... or to describe it better ........ I can camp and get 5 kills, then hide it the bushes while my ksrs do the work for me a lot easier than running around for 14 kills.


        I'd say its just a good setup for those who dont like to gamble. ......... less risk, but less payoff in the long run.


       Whats really disappointing is using the support package, then going on 10 or 12 killstreaks and not really getting anything for it.

  • 11. Re: Support kill streak is a joke

    I play HC, use the UAV/vest combo (apparently some here dont approve at all lol) and get 30+ gun kills a game, because getting Assault KS kills was getting boring. Rather be able to play super aggressive, and help the team win at the same time.

  • 12. Re: Support kill streak is a joke

    I see the whining never ends

  • 13. Re: Support kill streak is a joke

    I'm more or less talking about how it adds up even if you die, using cuavs and uavs is good but like EMP is too long and the stealth bomber what I'm saying is that that kill streak is for bad players and helps them but the good players are affected

  • 14. Re: Support kill streak is a joke

    why you are noob for useing the support killstreak??

  • 15. Re: Support kill streak is a joke

    It's not noobish to know your own strengths and weaknesses and to know what to do to support your team and know how to do it. That comes from experience.

  • 16. Re: Support kill streak is a joke

    I'm sorry about getting upset with you earlier. Please forgive and forget man. Thanks.

  • 17. Re: Support kill streak is a joke

    stealth bomber screams support...  it's STEALTH

  • 18. Re: Support kill streak is a joke

    Really how this post reads is this:


    "I was on my way to an ac-130 some noob used a stealth bomber and killed me preventing me from getting my ksr!!!! Than that same lifeless noob had the audacity to use and emp and destory my reaper right after I just called and and I did not get a kill from it!!! Futher more I had to wait a minute to use my pavelow I had and the match ended before I could!!! Damn you noobs for using streaks that ruined my playstyle and made the game not as fun for me as I demand it should have been!!!!!!"

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    I see a lot of people whining about SB and EMP on Support PS but I never see people complaining that the Assault UAV and Care Package should be removed from the Assault PS.

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