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New game mode suggestion. (Contractor)

Okay so i was thinkin bout back in the day when i played counterstrike, and i remembered a game mode where you could buy ur loadouts before the round starts so i thought of this being inspired by that...


so this mode could be simaler to the "survival" mode on specail ops, however instead of playing against bots, you would fight other players each having 5 lives per round, with a score goal of 5 or 6 wins, the players will be spawned on either side of the map and that will be their "base" each kill, assist, or any other way of getting points, will grant the players cash which they may use to buy guns, perks, killstreaks, and equipment. guns and perks are kept with death and cannot drop on death (prevening players to pick up others weapons) killstreaks and equipment are single use only and must be bought again after use, more advanced killstreaks obviously being more expensive, while ammo ressuply being the cheapest, all of which are bought at the base so that players must return to change their loadout. bases will have debris or barricades to prevent spawn killing, eiter from players or killstreaks. players start the match with a single pistol and must advance their cash flow to obtain better weaponry.


hopefully this will catch someones eye and it will be made, i thought it sounded pretty fun, id like feedback from anyone, even if you decline the idea.



-calling this game mode "Contractor"

-players start with $500

-each kill grants $500

-assist grants $250

-destroying uav, counter uav, airdrop choppers, recon drones, SAM turrets, I.M.S. strafe run choppers, sentries, and remote sentries grant $250

-destroying attack helicopters, assault drones, advanced uav,ballistic vest duffel bag,  and AH-6 grant $500

-destroying pave lows, reapers, AC-130, osprey, juggernauts(assault and recon), and stealth bombers(emp) grant $750

-killstreaks (once bought) can be used immeadiatley but are single use

-specailist killstreaks are kept on death but still must be earned as normal

-killing anyone with one or more specailist perks obtained grants $600 ($300 for assist)

-cash does not reflect exp gain, experience gain will remain as normal values

-ammo resupply cost: $100

-death streak is kept upon dying(obiously)

-death streak costs: $500

-perk cost: $1,000(each)

--equipment cost--


frag: $150

semtex: $150

throwing knife: $200

bouncing bettie: $400

claymore: $500

C4: $400


flash grenade: $150

concussion grenade: $200

scrambler: $150

EMP grenade: $200

smoke grenade: $100

trophy system: $200

tactical insertion: $200

portable radar: $300

--weapon cost--


machine pistols: $1,000

handguns: $750

launchers $1,000


assault rifles: $1,750

sub machine guns: $1,500

light machine guns: $2,000

sniper rifles: $1,750

shotguns: $1,500

riot sheild: $1,750

-attachments: $1,000 each(second on same gun costs $1,500)


-specailist costs: $500 each perk (must obtain kilstreak)

uav: $1,000

counter uav: $1,250

care pakage: $2,500

ballistic vests: $1,500

airdrop trap: $1,500

SAM turret: $2,000

recon drone: $2,000

predator missle: $2,500

sentry gun: $2,250

prescision airstrike: $2,500

attack helicopter: $2,750

strafe run: $3,000

advanced uav: $2,500

remote sentry: $2,000

stealth bomber: $3,500

AH-6 overwatch: $3,000

reaper: $3,750

assault drone: $3,500

AC-130: $4,000

pave low: $3,750

EMP: $4,000

juggernaut recon: $4,500

assault juggernaut: $4,750

osprey gunner: $5,000

escort airdrop: $5,500


hopefully this will help the descision to make this mode, i put alot of thought and effort into it, and i hope you can use this to make the game even more enjoyable to the players, thank you for reading