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KD is very misleading. Read on why.

Here's how it goes. (The numbers are the types of players you can be for that category)


<1 = 1.playing just for fun, messing around, or 2.just a noob/not very good. 1.(cont.)You may be an excellent or average player but you love to mess around and have lots of fun doing so.


1.0-1.5= 1. you are an average to above average cod player 2.You are an amazing cod player, that will often mess around and have fun, you may rush blindly just because you don't feel at the moment going tryhard (sleepy or don't feel like trying). You are a fabulous team/objective player and play to win and have fun. You can beat anyone at this game when you are trying your best. This is the best kind of cod player there is.


1.5-2: 1. You are the type above, just that you mess around a LOT less often. 2.You have a campy playstyle, and are a below average player. 3.You never mess around and are a good cod player 4. you play in full 6's all the time. 5. You are just a solid cod player. 6. You don't play the objective well enough, and care about your kd


2-3= 1. You camp very hard and dashboard, and never play the objective. 2. You are an excellent cod player, who plays the objective somewhat wel 3. you play in full 6's all the time and and spawn trap 3.You don't play the objective good 4. You are a below average play that solely plays this game for kd ratio


3+= 1.You are a no life, who camps, doesn't ever play the objective and dashboards 2.You play in full 6's(parties) and spawn trap 3. You are an excellent cod player, but doesn't play the objective efficiently 4. You are just an amazing cod player at everything (doesn't camp or patrol etc)