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    To be honest you will never get a answer that is balenced on the forums, all most people do is post what they want the game to be like to suit the way they play and dont want it to change. The developers have the statistics from every little part of past games and know what should be tweaked nerfed, buffed but unfortunately the franchise has become too noob freindly so we dont get balence, i have a small hope with treyarch but im not holding my breath.


    Personally i dont think its balenced nor do i think its OP and people cant say its a fair trade off and im mainly talking about SMGs & ARs being able to stay off the mini map at the expense of only having to put 1 extra bullet in someone from quite a distance who they can see better because they have no muzzle flash. I have a silencer on nearly every class and no coincedence that most of the MOABs i have seen and earned myself have been with silenced weapons. I think a revamp of the mini map is needed instead of this newb friendly mini map we have now which has caused this obsession with chasing a red dot which is marked to the exact inch on the mini if you fire an unsuppressed weapon.


    I Think going back to the old COD radar where it didnt show a map but a compass of where eneimies were if they fired unsupressed weapon would be a better solution because then its not as big of a deal to show up on it because they are only getting a rough location of where you are but right now its a huge deal to show up on radar when you shoot because no doubt someone will be spawning right near you and make a b line to your exact location  as soon as they see that red dot.

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    LOL.. Ran that made sense! OMG!

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    Nah, I will always sign out of any game when it is no longer fun for me. I do not play for the fun of others here and never have nor ever will. As long as the option exists and can be used I will use it regardless of how it effects the game for anyone else.


    Same as suppressor, I use them and will no matter what anyone says about using them and blind eye and assassin.


    Until someone else pays for MY internet, MY console, MY xbox live subscription they do not really get to tell me how to play the game unless they are a developer making rules about certain things. No other player has the right.


    Just as even though I said stop looking at his baby monitor for kills I know he will not because that is what he needs to play the game. If ever core should be made wiht out the monitor, but normal life, all players like him that need red dots would flock to the forums crying about how unfair it was to them.

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    They are far from overpowerd and if your that close that you could see a red dot on the map with a silenced weapon your already dead.

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    I agree with this..


    I will say that in MW3, a suppressor lowers the recoil, and it makes you invisible on the map and reduces the range (slightly). Compared to having no suppressor, you have a higher recoil, slightly higher range, and you show up on the map. Is there really any comparison?


    I have been playing battlefield lately, and there is a downfall for everything. In BF3, if you have a suppressor attached, the bullet speed reduces, and you have a reduced range accuracy. So if you decide to be stealthy, you lose everything at longer ranges.


    I realize that BF3 is a much better development team, and they have dedicated servers, but I think that something like this needs to be implemented. As of now, CoD has way too many things that are too good for the type of game that CoD is...

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    MUPHinATHONG wrote:


    As of now, CoD has way too many things that are too good for the type of game that CoD is...

    Call of Duty is the type of game where anyone is to be able to pick up and play it. If they overcomplicate everything they will have fewer people buying it. There is a reason why COD outsells Battlefield. It is simple and easy to play.

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    1. it doesn't reduce recoil it removes muzzle flash, giving a clearer view when firing.

    2. it reduces the range so at mid range you need 1 more bullet, so in a fair fight you should lose it if you have a silencer.

    3. red dots, holo, acog, and thermal sights also reduce the visible flash but not to the same degree as silencers.

    4. every bullet travels at the same speed in cod, BF use projectiles COD uses hit scanners.


    the guys at dice are giving plenty of years between games to create new engines and improve their game, they also get support from other studio's that don't FPS, the COD dev have 2 years between each game they make, however they also have improve on ideas that the other dev came up with so really they have 1 year to make it and 1 year to improve it and keep it up to date and they have to do with out external support Usually.

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    NO just learn to deal its them.

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    Sillencers dont bother me, but I wouldnt care if they actually reduced the damage overall on them, instead of just at range, I use silencers on pretty much every gun because there isnt a reason not too really, if they put a 20% overall damage reduction at every range then maybe it would make it a bit more of a challenge.


    I really do find MW3 very boring, maps arent good/guns kill too quick/quickscoping etc and one thing I have noticed, is that the player numbers arent that high, maybe 500k a night if they are lucky, even when content drops, the player count doesnt seem to go up that much, atleast not like when BO had double xp or map packs come out.


    IMO. the entire MW series is broken beyond repair at this point, it started going down hill with MW2, they need to fix alot of things besides the surpressors.

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    They could make more cons to it but its not really needed.

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