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Running solo, run specialist

What the title says, been running solo last week or so with dire teams so thought, stuff this crap, feeding my Core team with UAV's non stop running Hardline and they still cant do anything so decided just make it all about me and run specialist and been absolutely loving it, had some really awesome games with it and very high streaks, beat my highest by 6 the other day at 21, most games I hit a 10-15 kill streak and the best part is, my teams have been winning.



My specialist is as follows...


AR type

Start with blind eye, assassin and marksman (aimbot on core)

Add quickdraw, sleight of hand then hardline


SMG type

Start with blind eye, assassin and stalker

Add sleight of hand, scavenger then hardline



Different types for different maps of course and if you haven't had the patience to give specialist a proper try (at least 10 games in a row) go for it, at 7 kills its pretty easy to get the specialist bonus and with all perks and proficiencies you are a machine and I also believe this is making me a better player considering I have no kill streaks so everything is based on gun v gun skills.

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    I agree, it's a lot of fun and I have been mostly running it on all classes for the past few months.  I go so hot and cold in this game, sometimes I don't have much choice lol.

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    I must agree, Just started using it the last couple of prestiges. I tend to find I have better games. I used to use assault all the time but I'm finding they're getting blown out of the sky more frequently now, basically rendering them worthless.

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    It is very good and I hope this idea of strike packages is kept. I use all three from time to time when I want to mix things up

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    Take it from someone who strictly uses specialist run whatever class you like weapon and perk wise but make you tier 2 perk hardline and whichever tier 2 perk you normally use make it your first one specialist. With hardline on your first perk comes at 1 kill so basically instantly. Now that you have the tier 2 perk you normally want the rest of your perks will come one early and you'll have all of them by 7.

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    I will definitle take this advice. Normally, I don't have the discipline (or overall skill) to run Specialist, but as I am beginning to improve and expect good gaming sessions from my play, I feel more confident in using it more often. I especially will on TDM and KC. On Domination, maybe not, just because some of the Support streaks can be pretty important at times for me. Nice post Craig!

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    i think i might give Specialist ago cause with killstreaks i try to hard to get them so i end doign so badly i get pissed of ,


    Specialist ive never given it a proper try


    i run M16 whats the best Specialist to run with any help ??

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      I actually had a try with with the other triple fire gun, the one that kills people quickly to give you some help and for me I would go...



      Assassin, blind eye, marksman

      Then quickdraw, stalker, hardline



      When using specialist I always go with the assassin blind eye combo because them mixed with anything else makes you that bit more invincible, once you have they two mixed with marksman, quickdraw and stalker after only four kills getting specialist should be easy with your triple fire weapon.

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    Specialist is fun to use and it's great for becoming better with the gun on gun aspect of the game rather than letting the game play for you. As for you winning because of it I don't think there is any correlation.


    It doesn't matter what you do in this game, there will be someway for your teammates to find a way for you to lose. I played a game a couple days back where I went 42-15 in a game of Kill Confirmed. I had 43 confirms and 4 denies and my team still lost. Teammates are a disease.

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      Maybe I have just been getting lucky with teams then but even last night when I was running specialist on splitscreen with a friend who was getting like 5 kills max, 20 deaths minimum we must have won about 90% of games with me and my specialist exploits all on kill confirmed (I did make sure my friend went for every tag mind you), well apart from the game of TDM where we were 5000-1000 down in 2-3 minutes with 4 of my team not even having a single kill.

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    I like supporting my team, no matter what. It's fun to put up constant uav's, cuav's, and recon drones!

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    Specialist is the shiznit. It great if you ae running a shotgun class

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    Specialist is such a fun package. I love having all the perks and proficiencies for whatever gun I'm using.


    And what I really like is using Recon Pro. I would never use Recon on its own, but w/ Specialist, Scavenger, Sleight of Hand, and Recon wreak havoc on your opponents. You can spam bullets at your enemies and let your teammates take care of them.

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    You know, this is a good idea. Im gonna go try this out right now. I dont use the specialist package that often since i pretty much only play drop zone. But, i just put specialist packages for all my classes and im about to hit up some ground war. Thanks for the reminder!

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    Love specialist, LMG's with it are godly since all the normal downsides for them are rendered obsolete sirously try


    L86/MK49 any set up you like i personally go RDS/thermal with Silencer


    tier 1 blindeye


    tier 2 hard line


    tier 3 stalker


    then go quick draw, assassin, scavenger you will easily **** everyone