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New emblem?

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    Sure you didn't link to show us a cheater?

    What with being prestige 13 but only got less than a day and a half game time

    Also over 7 hours of double xp(plausible ill grant you)

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    Given the 7+ days of double xp, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say this guy is a cheater and should be banned. Never seen that emblem, but its pretty obvious he used the prestige token glitch

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    Reporting that douche in 1,2...

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    Yeah as pointed it out this guy has 7 days of double xp, not 7 hours. 7 days xp is 168 hrs, so even if you max prestiged in all COD titles that would be 8hrs and 2hrs for each prestige is 20+ hrs, so im in no doubt that this guy has token glitched. Thanks for the link, bancandy me thinks.

    It never ceases to amaze that these cheaters actually put thier stats on elite for all to see.

    As for the emblem, i have no idea.

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      How difficult can it be for the likes of bancandy just to go into elite and see these wankers for themselves and ban them. It makes a joke of the entire franchise. I  checked wikia-mw3-emblems and surprise, the first guys emblem is not even in the elite unlock list.

      It appears that its a fake/hacked emblem.

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        Yeah... I reported this guy to bancandy maybe a month ago (and some other boosters too), but nothing is been done with any of them. I'm done with reporting as it does not seem to work.

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    In the last month ive had 4 token glitchers try to get into my clan?

    I was under the understanding that they were all delt with,but i was wrong sent all them to bancandy but she must be way behind because i also sent her 8 boosters from the same clan,boosting in a clan op over a month ago and they are still at there prestiges???

    I dont get the name and shame thing on here..let us name and shame if we are wrong then block us for 48 hrs,id take that chance just to get rid of the cheats..The token glitches just laughed at me because i said i wouldnt let them join our clan and i would report them to bancandy..I have the mind set that if they will do a glitch/mode/hack nomatter how petty then they will do them all( as soon as a AIMBOT comes out most of them will be the first to do it )

    I think if you cheat/glitch/boost in a clan op you should loss all use of ELITE but the maps.