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MW3 Problems & Suggestions


OK, so there are plenty of complaints on this forum about the game.


So , why don't we create a list of issues, and where appropriate suggest solutions?

Please try to resist the urge to rage and lash out and lets try to keep this cool and rational.


I'll start us off with:


Problem: Lag Compenstation - this seems to favour those with the highest lag, and causes some very annoyng glitches, especially when you get bounced around from the lag only to be killed as soon as the game catches up.

Possible Solution - Ranked dedicated servers


Problem: Hackers - probably no need to go into this too much as we all know what a pain it is.

Possible Solution - Well maintained and monitored ranked dedicated servers - like XBox live users get.

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    You're looking at this all wrong: you're trying to fix something that is beyon repair.


    Instead of trying to make a flashlight work with solar batteries (lagnet, and all the other broken, wannabe a console, crap)


    And put the real batteries back where they belong (ranked dedicated servers, full control sets, and truly customizable display, and dedicated server files, and the ability to join a server, restart the video, and chat through the consol ect...)


    A personal computer IS NOT a console!

    Why should we suffer the same restrictions as consoles?


    Some one once said "with every mistake we must surely be learning" when is Ativision going to learn you can't turn a PC in to a console. (and who in their right mind would want that?)


    Oh and no I do not want to pay to have the same restrictions as every buddy else; and have to play on a GLOBAL DEDI- I don't know what country you're from; but here in the USA we value CHOICE.


    A lot of people complain that this dedicated server or that doesn't have the rule set they like waaaaa...

    That is the beauty of it; if I don't like the rules you play by, I can set up my own server with the rules I like.

    And just because we leave the door open to the public; does not in any way change the fact that it is OUR house.

    If you don't like this rule set or that, find a server that you agree with; but don't try to tell other people how to run their own house.


    I don't care for crouch only server; but I have been to visit them.

    And when i do, I respect their rules; why would I try to tell some one else how to run THEIR game server?

    maybe you don't like last stand, or some other perk, you could find a server that feels the same about that.

    or maybe you like all perks allowed; again there are servers that feel the same way.


    But one thing I see as a reoccurring situation, is people that just want to be disruptive, and that one thing most all PRIVATE (remember that, just because a restaurant, or a store, or even a park, is open to the public; it is in no way less then private property) server have in common is they don't want A$$ hats coming in to THEIR servers, and causing trouble.


    I think most of the people who are going to disagree with this just want a place to go where they have no rules...welcome to IWnet. (and a game sponsored server, would be no different)

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      Well said. Poison is a dedicated, dedicated server kind of guy, that knows of what he speaks However, in regards to making a case for what's wrong here; sadly it falls on no important ears. This forum is just here for us to help each other

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        batmanCOD wrote:


        Well said. Poison is a dedicated, dedicated server kind of guy, that knows of what he speaks However, in regards to making a case for what's wrong here; sadly it falls on no important ears. This forum is just here for us to help each other

        Aint that the truth!

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      wierd worlds are these

      Well said and well laid out there mate.


      You raise one point that is very clear to any pc gamer that comes to this section of the forum.


      This will not be seen by anyone who can influence the development cycle of the games, or even be seen by someone who can pass on the information to IW/SG/ACTI.


      Since the day of release I don't think there has been a single Employee of any company relating to this game other than Bancandy who has actually bothered to read or post in this forum without, it being a copy and paste of what they were told to post in a company email.




      The main problems with this game for me is the following:


      1: Lack of REAL dedicated servers


      2: No lean


      3: Poor graphics


      4: Poor sound


      5: No anti cheat system


      6: No Console to allow us to show the lag-o-meter


      7: No console to allow us to change the max packets rate, snap's and other items to enable the game to run better on the pc.


      8: No imagination in the devlopment of maps anymore


      9: No support for decent sized player count's 24 upwards to 32 players


      10: Hardcore being destroyed by campers and friendly fire, give us the option to have it on or off and the option to turn on automatic camper spotting as in they show up to everyone if they don't move for 1 minute or more.


      11: The host of the IWnet games is picked based on how many people are closer to them, rather than picking the best spec'd pc and best broadband connection.


      12: LAG is a joke although I barely suffer from it allot of people do.


      13: To much focus on the "Play our way" attitude of developers because they all play on a console doesn't mean we should have to be restricted in terms of what our game can do just, because the consoles are out dated and under powered, because we have high end pc's or medium spec'd pc doesn't mean we want to be hand held through the gaming world like most console gamers want.



      Basically they need to go back to the way Cod 4 was and keep like that but bring it up to date with a new engine, bigger map's, better weapons, PUNKBUSTER!!!!!!!, RANKED DEDICATED SERVERS WITH FULL CONTROL.



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      Well, said all - and well said poison.


      Hit the nail squarely on the head.


      If they should deem to lower themselves to learn from what they've done wrong, as stated in this forum - you never know - for the first time in the past years I might even go out and buy a newly released CoD game. I doubt it.


      Have to admit Max, I un-followed all the CoD devs.


      We don't appear to have anything in common.

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      I agree with you - I just wanted to get a decent discussion on the subject started.



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      On the global ranked dedi - I would see that as optional rather than mandatory - but as well managed as the XBox live network - and hence paid for by the users.


      I know I've mentioned XBox live on Windows 8 before - but I think I've been misunderstood - I don't think it will be 'XBox on Windows' but rather just the online gaming service called 'XBox Live' for PC users - I think this will be the way forward for the kind of global dedi service I am talking about. I don't think we'll get it for MW3 at all, as there is probably no perceived immediate commercial value for the game publishers to do so. They must understand they are damaging the franchise on PC at the moment (for multiplayer) - so perhaps they may do something about it before MW4 comes out in 2 years time - perhaps there will be a vast improvement with BLOPS2? Who knows?


      I hope improvements are made to MW3, and I hope they are made soon because I do love this game, and the current online ranked gaming issues are starting to get very annoying.


      Also, the ability for 3rd parties like yourself to run 'ranked' servers would be a big bonus - and I think this is acheivable if the powers that be have the will to do it.

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    This thread, like all the other "important" threads that we REAL PC GAMERS, have created, are linked to various twitter accounts that the "DEVS"of this game use,.

    So unless they dont read their tweets they get, they can't say they're not aware of what us cod PC Gamers want..

    this thread linked to

    @BanCandy @MW3Updates @ATVIAssist @GlenSchofield @MichaelCondrey @SHGames @InfinityWard  and when he worked there, @fourtzerotwo

    {BHC}Max twitter acounthttp://twitter.com/#!/BHCMax

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      I do believe there is still hope; but this time, there will need to be REAL effort made, by the developers; before they see anymore of my money.


      The next time they say dedicated servers , they had better make clear form day one that they will be ranked; and have all the basics covered.


      By that I mean TOTAL admin control, over dvars (Server Variable), and, log files, .

      (if I want -1 or a +15 resapwn on my server, THAT I PAY for, or a 150 maxping, or even to turn off world icons etc... that should be my choice.)


      And reasonable control over cvars (Client Variable) you can set min, and max for things like FOV, SNAPS, MAXPACKETS, and RATE etc... but I want a choice. I want to be able to monitor my ping and FPS.

      In short if I am not allow to "OPTIMIZE" MY gaming experience, I simply won't play (translate BUY)

      And a COMPLETE game control set; no shared functions I.E. grenades/equipment, and put lean back! this is a computer, not a console!

      and for Pete sake get rid of those ungodly ping bars, and put the true numbers back.

      (I can understand taking dev tools (cheats) out of the control of clients; but locking down the entire console? That's a little extreme)


      And please don't any one try to tell me that only game modders can do some of these thing, that is a total and complete misnomer.

      what in the hell do you think a game developer is? (they are the original modders)

      And as max has pointed out, they live in the same neighborhood we do (the global Internet)

      They know EXACTLY what's going on.

      Where you you think they get ideas like Elite etc...? they are simply exploiting what we've had all along.


      Every game that come out has more and more ideas, and modes, that where thought of by the online gaming community, as well as maps.


      They can fix it if they choose to.

      If they won't: I will choose not to play their games.