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Trophy System


I recently saw my trophy system detonate and kill an opposing player! Never knew this was deadly. The trophy system is a underrated tool that serves many purposes!


happy hunting COD

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    yha if an enemy puts 1 down nxt to yours it kills them i think thats how it works

    i like pullin it out when a pred is headin my way and dropin it down just b4 i get killed funny thing to do lol every time i beat the pred

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    I've been killed by my trophy system before =/


    I don't know how it works. Someone shot an xm25 and the damn thing blew me up.


    Kill feed said the trophy system killed me and the xm25 guy didn't get the kill lol

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    i got a triple kill today with the trophy system ive been killed by my own before but never got any kills by it im not even sure how it happened

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    the trophy system is an APS (Active Protection System). It shoots "pellets", similar to those found in shotgun shells, into the air to intercept incomming projectiles, such as predator missiles, grenades, etc...so If a player sits close to it, he/she can be hit by the pellets.

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      I knew that much, but I didn't think they'd apply it in that much detail to MW3. In game, I assumed it was just a force field of sorts.


      If so, I guess my deaths make sense and the trophy system just lost some of its appeal with me.

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    It's the best body armor you can find. Just lay underneath of it and when someone shoots you instead of you taking the damage the Trophy System will absorb all the bullets

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    I've been on the receiving end of this before.  Someone placed a trophy system down and as I was running past, the enemy threw a flash or nade (something that made it go off) and I died from the damn thing.  Must be the explosion it releases and being to close.  I've been killed by my own, in HC, from a team mate running past it when the enemy threw a nade, my TS went off and destroyed the nade but must've been close enough to cause damage to my team mate.  Needless to say I ended up dying.


    That being said it is a great weapon in this game and very useful. 

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    I have been killed in hardcore matches by throwing semtex from close range to stop the flag being captured, and ending up dying with 1. Does it break your semtex up and chuck it back at you or what?

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    The Trophy System does the opposite for me. Instead of blocking projectiles that come for me, it kills me instead. Just yesterday, someone threw a semtex at me and the Trophy System tried to shoot it, but instead, it ended up shooting me.