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Found a Mouse Acceleration Glitch, please fix this.

I've been playing this game since it's release and this has never happened until about two months ago when you guys updated the sensitivity of the mouse.  I play with a G9x at the moment and it's a damn good mouse, drivers are all up to date, everything works fine on my desktop and multiple other games, but when I launch CoD:MW3 MP and jump in a game, every 10 or 15 seconds my mouse's DPI decides to jump 2000 points.  This has runined my gaming experiance for MP and put a very bad taste in my mouth for MW3 in general.


Now, my theory is that your in game mouse settings are inconsistent, allowing my mouse to over-ride and take control for a short time.  I play with very low sensitivity in game, and a very high one on my mouse, if I turn my mouse DPI down, you can definitely tell jumping and skipping while ADS'ed and dragging across the screen, which is why low sensitivity in game and high DPI is crucial for aiming and hitting targets at far distances such as sniping or getting those persice shots with non-scoped weapons.


I've tried getting rid of the mouse's program, letting it run on default but the problem still happens.  I've turned the sensitivity up in game to see if that was the problem and I still get it.  I've verified the local cashe and tried a standard Microsoft mouse and it still happens. I've re-installed drivers and checked for updates for MW3 and it's still there.


I want to know if this, 'glitch' has happened with anyone else and what the MW3 team is going to do about it.  I know it's not a problem with my mouse, given it works in every other game just fine, this is the ONLY game I have this problem with. 


Edit: Please note that by, 'mouse jumping 2000 dpi' means it will suddenly accelerate for 1-2 seconds, then go back to normal settings.  So if I turn left, I'll do about 3, 360 degree turns before it jumps back to normal and I can continue.


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