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    Shame they dont just remove akimbo machine pistols all together. I wouldn't have a problem with that. Even so, this is another welcome update. i would take anything over nothing at all. Hopefully this will cut down on their usage.


    On a side note, i had the misfortune of being placed into a game of TDM yesterday while doing a clan op, and the entire enemy team (complete squad from a clan) were running around with them on dome. Only thing that helped me was c-4, which i spent a token on. And that'd be the best token i've ever spent, mind you....

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    yeah c4 is deff fun

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    There is no such thing as a noob weapon only wannabe skillless buffoons that get killed by it and then need to cry about it and calling it a noob weapon.


    Even with the changes made they are not nerfed as you may think. They still work very effectively at killing people and those who understand how to deal with the recoil do even better now with them.


    So go cry a river about getting killed by them, oh wait you just did in your attempt at a insult.


    There is no such thing as OP weapons and never was, just bad players getting killed by easy weapons that do not like it so need to defend their deaths by crying the weapon is OP.


    So if you think they were OP than I guess that makes you one of those bad players that got killed by them too easily and never learned how to counter them effectively.

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    lol ok. keep using your skilless weapons and pretending your good. keep defending your n00b tactics. thats cool. on btw if your so pro and can stomp anyone using your awesome skillfull weapons that you dont have to aim. my gt is RenegadeGNinja. id love to teach a n00b a lesson

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    I supposed you are the type off person where every time you die it's not because you got out played it is because the other person is using a "noob gun or tactic"

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    just to clairify. by your women logic. if there is a weapon that can fire fully auto and kills in 1 bullet and has no recoil and all the other weapons in the game take 10 bullets to kill and are semi auto then that gun cannot be overpowered because there is no such thing as OP weapons right? you see just how dumb you sound to everyone else in the world? just letting you know.


    Im not one to cry about OP weapons. i mean really they are in the game and i have the opportunity to use them too so what would i cry about. but i can tell when a weapon take no skill to use and can kill players that actually have skill. Why would i use something i need to run around and spray and pray when i can use the MP9 and kill people at any range on the map with much better efficiency. The difference is good players know cheap skilless weapons when they see them and n00bs dont

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    not at all. i really dont care if people camp. cause there are ways to beat that. and if people use the type 95, its there for me to use too so i cant complain. and in all honesty if people use the akimbo fmg's i can just take their backs or use distance. i really dont care. its just funny to see someone on here seriously deffending that akimbo weapons are not n00ish. haha go talk to a pro gamer. please do. it would be funny to hear his response to your logic.

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    either one of you can play against me i dont care. use whatever tactics you think are good. ill find a way to beat them and beat you. doesnt matter to me. but to sit there and pretend it takes serious skill to run around and spray akimbo weapons. haha ok. One day when your all grown up youll understand why daddy says the things he does

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    I do not use any Akimbo'ed weaponry. I never leveled up an FMG or anything else enough to unlock it, but I have really not even tried. I think I have one set up as a secondary for CQ maps for TDM, but I don't even use it. However, I will agree with you on one point: I do find Akimbo FMG easy to use. And the only reason I know this is because I've picked them up before. In fact, just recently I did and there was a smoke screen. All I did was run to it and fire away, nabbing myself a kill in the process...


    But what about the players who ultra-experienced and skilled that use these weapons? I have seen them before plenty of times. They certainly couldn't be classified as "noobs."


    I DO use a Type 95, and it is certainly because I realized early on how effective it was. But after using it to the extent that I have, which I think is close to a couple thousand kills, I actually feel that I know how to use it well. And I would imagine even further that is the inherent responsibility of every single player who plays online to go with what they feel gives them the best shot at having an enjoyable time, however that may be.

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    how can 402 say that there is new rebalancing coming when hes not with IW or activision anymore?