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Troll account unite!

For everyone that has troll accounts or wants to have fun playing this game by being an annoying little prick, should join in


Everyone uses:

-Funny names

-Funny Titles (Noobtuber)

-Cheep guns

-Riot Shields

-50. Cal Barret ACOG w/ Extended Mag and sprays.

-Taticle Knifing only.

-Hide and Seek in TDM with Assasin, make enemies look everywhere for us.

-Striker with Range.

-LMG with extended mag, never stop spraying even if you don't see the enemy xD


-duel FMG's


-Throw Jammers on every corner of the map.

-Throw Portable Radars on every corner of the map

-Don't kill anyone in domination with anything but ruin their killstreaks with Dead Mans Hand

-Everyone gets Support Juggernaut at the same time

-Retarded on mic

-Only kill each other in HCTDM

-Tatical near well in Seatown, keep jumping in well.

-Play Team Defender and put the flag out of reach.

-Throw Ballistic Vest in corner, Throw decoy package atop of vest, kill a team mates.

-Team Kill

-Trap team mates (Or enemies) in a corner xD (God mode, 5 team mates trap 5 enemies in corners)



Any suggestions should be posted below


What I want to suggest is we work togeather as a team to plan out troll raids togeather, and what we plan to use as our entire class and how everyone should use it

Having a skype to discuss this topic would help a lot but I can update this forum as to what we're doing


Troll Accounts

vampirewolfy troll account: 3375-9369-1090

Silentshot as Following U: 3082-3458-1507

[SKS]Eckon - 5080-3505-6312

SovietCookie - 2740-2850-6276