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I dont even use akimbo machine pistols and I hope they dont get nerfed again.....


Or whatever other guns that four two zero was talking about in that tweet i read in a current post. I hope they dont get nerfed for a couple of reasons. First because I dont want all you cry babies who cry about all the different things on here to get their way, lol just jokin there so please dont take offense. But on a serious note I think the current trend of anything and everything getting nerfed on this game is a very bad thing. Luckily for me I use mostly guns that have reputations of being the "weak" guns on the game but if I was using a common gun and it got nerfed I would be pissed. Thing like this can ruin a game for someone and if not it can at least take alot of fun outta the game. I could almost understand nerfing a gun that was a SMG with the fire rate of the PM and killed in two bullets with the range of an AR and recoil of the MP7. Or maybe an AA-12 with the damage of the KSG and striker range. In my opinion they did a good job of balance on this game. There is a ton of variation and I really dont think there is any gun thats not worth using. Sure there are guns that are easier to use than others but that all a part of the variation of the game. And I can honestly say there is no one gun on here that gives me that much trouble. Your gonna die on this game. Your gonna have bad games, bad days, even bad weeks. It happens.Sometimes your style matches up bad with other peoples styles. Feel free to disagree as I am always open to hear what others have to say and other opinions.