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Call of duty:cold war

To activision this should be the next game for the cod franchise because its like world of war one of the legends of call of duty. People love the old games to bad you f-ed up your Vietnam game one mission on a hill come on guys that ain't nam. This game call of duty cold war will be the biggest hitter yet with a time line from 1957 to 1971 how can you hate it. I'm looking at about a 13 to 15 mission story about random sec-ops groups from both sides of the iron certin American, English, and Russan. Moving right on to multiplayer shot guns will be secondary weapons all 6. There will be a minimume of 11 guns for sub-machine guns assault rifle snipers machine guns and even pistols. You can akimbo two different subs like a tommy gun and an Uzi one in each hand. Zombies will be back with new and old charecters 5 maps one in an abanded city. Speaking of DLCs I will add to the story mode adding new guns(multiplayer and zombies), new perks , new maps , and new charecter customizes yes there will be customizing emblems tittles and player shirts pants face and hats. So to activision help me help you you don't even need to pay me more then 10$ an hour to help you get the game just right. To all reading like this or something because I want to make the funerary call of duty ever I work for the players not for the dollar. If this dusen't work I'll use that start up idea web site where people give you money to make something great or I can take my idea to EA or Ubiesoft they like to make money.