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    ShankDaddyMack wrote:


    lol @ me being incorrect...u need to go read if u think that...cuz that is exactly how lag comp works...maybe go take a networking class in college or somethin kiddo...some of us already have backgrounds in areas that have to do with networks...all lag comp is IS A BUFFER TO BENEFIT THE PPL WHO HAVE GARBAGE INTERNET...PERIOD...WHY DO U THINK U USED TO HAVE HOST ADVANTAGE? WHY DO U THINK NOW ITS HOST DISADVANTAGE? I WOULD LOVE TO SEE U EXPLAIN HOW IT WORKS SINCE U KNOW BETTER THAN I DO (ESPECIALLY WHEN I WORKED IN THE FIELD FOR 6 YRS FOR A MAJOR NATIONWIDE INTERNET PROVIDER) if u dont even bother to try to explain how u THINK it works we will all know...cuz basically its just networking protocols...nothing more...now go ahead...explain to us who dont know LMAO...im waiting to see this.

    reads that..


    then read this..


    ShankDaddyMack wrote:


    gallp my guess is lost packets on their end...i know my connection runs at about 99.5% efficiency most of the time which means very few dropped packets and i have tested it randomly when i have lag issues on this game and it has been within that range so it has to be on their end...my guess is this...the lag comp has a hard time buffering connections to the host for ppl with horrible pings so what happens is this...the better ur ping the faster they can register hits to u...and if they have horrible ping THE SLOWER U REGISTER UR HITS...which is why u will get killed first then see them die immediately after sometimes...and i hear ya dean...i feel the same way u do...i could care less where u are as long as the gameplay isnt laggy...but yea if ur upload is at the bare minimum of 250k per second it seems to benefit u...tested it enough and it worked that way for me...got the idea from this video and he was correct in that respect...all in all i think they really wont ever do anything to totally fix it cuz of one simple fact , THEY ARE TRYING TO GET MORE AND MORE PPL TO PLAY THIS GAME AND IF THEY CATER TO THOSE OF US WITH GOOD INTERNET THEY WILL LOSE CUSTOMERS...just my thought and im sure some will disagree but i dont think they really care at all..they just wanna find a happy medium to shut us all up and rake in all that cash :-|


    You know once in a blue moon TSD and i are on the same page this is definatelky one of those rare times.


    Just of of pure curiousity .. how exactly are you measuring your packet loss in game i'd actually love to know , i mean you bought up networking protocols so i guess you have a method right?

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    I was thinking about the party system that was in the video and I still have to disagree with the theory based on experience.  My group of friends (4 most of the time) that I play with are all within a 25 mile radius and we use the same ISP.  So, based on your example my group would find a very close host but we still see the out of sync issues within MW3.  This patch is just tackling a symptom and not the root cause and it doesnt explain why throttling your connection has a positive affect since its based off ping.  Throttling your connection doesn't affect your ping.

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    There are a couple of methods you can use.


    First one:

    If your router supports port mirroring than you can mirror your XBox port on the router and use something like Wireshark to sniff traffic right off the router.



    This one will add some overhead like latency but your could do the following.  If your system has two network ports share you internet thru the PC and then run a local program to monitor network traffic.





    Not the best way but you could do the following.  You could use a hub (not a switch) and monitor traffic that way.  Since all network traffic is broadcasted on a hub you could monitor the traffic that way.  A switch will not work because traffic is not broadcasted to all the ports like a hub.  A switch learns what device is on what port based of MAC addresses and filters the traffic.

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    vims1990 wrote:


    Mac, a few questions from the "hobbit down under":


    1) With the new matchmaking system, will you suggest it is recommended to select the best party leader based on connection (i.e. the player who does host alot)?



    Knew it you kiwis are now claiming hobbits as your own


    Ok i'll answer your questions and  Demultanocte 's in the same reply 


    for ease of explaning lets use a hypothetical rule stick that is -

    0-50ms ping is "Local" and 50+ ms is not "local" and its a perfect world scenerio ie no wierd connection issues and to save confusion ill use the infamous words of "lag comp" as an all encompassing name for the various parts unless i need to specifically mention something ....


    if your party is all local geographically you should have a ping to each other within the 50 or less ms range.In that case it wouldn't really matter who was the game leader was. When the host race starts 5 of you already will have "local" ping to the host so as long as one of the other 6 players in the lobby is local the chances favour one of you (the person then with the highest upload bandwidth will be chosen as host, as host is decided basically without elimination beforehand on certian qualifying criteria on best player out of 11 who have the best all round ping to a host.



    vims1990 wrote:



    2) Is there a likely chance this will improve the host connectivity for smooth & fairly balanced matches?



    In theory people should see a better all round smoother game for people, you will have less players with higher pings so the update time between them is decreased, this in turn leads to less players being subject to the manipulation of "lag comp". Lag comp really kicks in so to speak when you have players outside what the game considers acceptable for a ping range for players to expereince smooth gameplay .. lets say for example the game rule states players whose ping is 75ms or below isnt subject to lag comp manipulation. So if you have 11 players all who ping 40-75ms (what a local lobby should in theory be like anyways) to the host the game wouldnt need to add anything as it knows that those players will be able to play fine, the last player pings 100 to the host so the game knows that that player needs a bit of a helping hand so their game LOOKS like the other 11 players and for the other 11 players their games account for the extra delay from that one player.



    vims1990 wrote:


    Mac, a few questions from the "hobbit down under":



    3) If our party members are already locally based, will this new matchmaking change affect us or will it remain the same?


    the above answer sort of covers that, but 50/50 as even though your party is local you still have 6 other players, so it would depend on the location of the other 6 people,



    vims1990 wrote:



    4) Will this prevent every player including the host getting a 2 or 3 bar connection?


    Pass, i really dont know what causes the every player including the host having a three bar i can only assume its a glitch they havent fixed, i dont trust the bars in this game anyways, but assuming the game runs as it should then you will still have three and less bar players in a lobby at times.you'll never remove that unless they add a ping lock where only people within a certian range could enter a session...never gonna happen on consoles although pc gaming has this option.



    vims1990 wrote:


    Mac, a few questions from the "hobbit down under":



    5) Lastly, do you believe the matches will be more in sync, less delay between players etc after the new matchmaking change.

    Yes , hence i've founght and stamped my feet and made long winded diatribes extolling the virtues of this system over the one we have now. Whether everyone will see an improvement only time will tell and its also dependant on what other changes they make to the netcode to account for the new matchmaking. Easiest way to explain it think of it instead of the game trying to fight to keep all the players in sync it will be able to focus more on those who need it.



    Demultanocte wrote:





    I have the same questions made by Vims and some others:


    1) Does this fix change something for the host (host disavantage)?

    2) Does this fix change something for who plays solo?

    3) Does this fix prevent to join an international lobby?

    4) Does this fix prevent to join a lobby with higher ping when you are in party? (example: everybody in the party have a ping under 50ms and are able to join, when play solo, a lobby under 50 ms, but when they are in party  the matchmaking put them in a lobby with ping over 125/150 ms).

    5) Will the best party leader be the host?


    1) No thats a seperate system, and one that i hope they will actually address, its very hard to sync a host on a listen server completely with players so theres always going to be either a dis/advantage at some point, imo giving a slight advantage is better as the option of applying a disadvantage means noone wants to host which means no lobbies .


    2) Overall it should give you slightly better expereinces, as although you are playing solo theres a good chance the other 11 people in the lobby might be a few parties of players.


    3) No, that is dependant on the gamemode you're in the matchmaking requests sent to the platform and where you live geogrpahically/time of day and player population of the game mode. The only way to stop it happening is to introduce a player controller lock like blops had where you could request only local searching or further afield


    4) yes as under the system we have now as all party members are used to decide in matchmaking an average ping is basically used so if you have a party of 6 with 5 on 50ms ping and one on 100 it would most likely place you in a session of 75 ms (that way everyone is equal pings apart. So if you know the 100ms guy in your party lives further away from you for example or always has a crappy connection dont make then party leader that way 5 of you will be in a 50ms lobby (if ones available) and the 100 ms will KNOW hes gonna be staring at 3/4 bar game. without being harsh sounding its far better for everyone if we have 1 player in a party who knowns hes gonna be 3 bar than 6 people all 3 barring.


    5) see my reply earlier to vims

  • 44. Re: Matchmaking Changes - Lag Compensation

    hold that fault, i wont reply till i see shanks answer

  • 45. Re: Matchmaking Changes - Lag Compensation

    Let me guess you are going to say all COD traffic is UDP which doesn't ask for a confirmation package back.  But you don't have to monitor just game traffic to figure out if your Xbox conneciton is dropping packages.

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    So something Ive noticed lately relating to the lag comp in this game: The way I can tell how a game is going to be connection wise before anyone even fires a shot is the apparent speed at which I sprint at the beginning of the game. This may sound crazy, but if its going to be a laggy game, it seems like Im trying to make my guy sprint through maple syrup. If its going to be an easy game, my guy is an olympic sprinter who just took steroids. Anyone else notice something to this effect?

  • 47. Re: Matchmaking Changes - Lag Compensation

    Thank you for the answers


    @ deadestllama: Yes i notice it too. Sometimes i push on the joypad because my guy doesn't want to run....

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    ghorman wrote:


    Let me guess you are going to say all COD traffic is UDP which doesn't ask for a confirmation package back.  But you don't have to monitor just game traffic to figure out if your Xbox conneciton is dropping packages.

    sort of but bit more indepth, there is no way to monitor if you are losing game packets at all when playing , only way you can is if the host is alerted to a sudden lack of trafic , hence players get dropped out of lobbies.

    Im still not sure how you are monitoring dropping packets did you mean your connection in general or when its actually connected to say xbl?

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    You can't monitor dropped packages (how do you know that packet was for you if you never recieved it) but you can filter on re-tranmission requests but that of course is not UDP.  Within the sniffer software you need to look for something like TCP sequence numbers.

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