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I can absolutely positively guarantee that a bad connection gives better hit detection

So woke up on Thursday to find my Internet had been cut off due to an unpaid bill, fortunately for me the office next door, through my bedroom wall and about 15 feet down had unsecured wi-fi access so yeah, I leeched them.


To even get a signal I had to find the hotspot on my floor against the wall to sit my xbox and it gave me between a 1 and 2 bar  on network settings in the xbox options with strict NAT, I then put my laptop there, did a speedtest and got between 1 and 3mb speed and the laptop wifi signal was only 12mbps and said 1 bar weak connection.


Now I have never complained about lag because in all honesty I never knew any different, I thought lag was people teleporting etc. and yes that did happen from time to time on the weak connection but my hit detection was spot on, my k/d in those few days was possibly near the 2.2 mark when I'm a lowly 1.2 so get my net back on today, my really good connection or so I thought and damn is it frustrating, compared to the few days on the supposedly worse connection it felt like my bullets were not doing any damage and I have never swore and shouted to myself in a game ever, 1 hour I lasted and wish I had never even saw the other side, now its just going to drive me nuts.


If anyone reads this and disagrees like I used to just try out a weaker connection and you will see, it is so much better and even though I wont be leaching again because I know its wrong I actually feel like downgrading to a weaker connection, wont do it though because I like the fast DL speeds ands high quality streaming but can understand now why people would, anyway I now know what you complain about and I'm with you guys 100%, something has to be done about this and soon.