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  • 200. Re: New Community Playlist: INFECTED

    If you aren't infected, and you don't have a mini-map up to show you where everyone is, then you can't sit there and study the positions of people for easy kills once you die. It means that if you have a good spot that you'd rather not have 10 people standing around because they see you on the map, you can use it.


    I've died countless times because a teammate seen me on the map, ran over, stared at me, and then as soon as he died, ran over and stabbed me. By removing the ability to stare at the mini-map, it not only helps the immersion, but alleviates the above described issue aswell.

  • 201. Re: New Community Playlist: INFECTED

    They should have it so you when you are infected you can teamkill but it doesnt ruin your k/d just so you can kill people blocking the door way so there butt buddy can go flawless

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    Anyone else notice that "Striker vs Jugg" has been increased in frequency, and on 2 additional maps (Hardhat and Mission)? Rather annoying considering it's the least favorite version according to the various lobbies I've been in.

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    I dislike the throwing knife idea for every match. It ruins the game and it's no fun. Plus, the infecteds shouldnt be able to knife you from 10 feet away. I hated how one of my team mate blocks the door and lets the survival get all the kills for a MOAB. I think we should be able to team kill in order to get the booster.


    Just my opinion (:

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    wats going to stop the boosters from teamkilling you to help the final survivor

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    WIESO kommen solche lobbys online wie infiziert oder FFA GG etc ABER keine quickscope lobby ich glaube deas ich hier für viele andere spreche wenn ich sag das wir so eine lobby vermissen und uns nicht gegen sieler wehren können die in jeder ecke gammeln mit ner typ 95 oder fmg akimbo ALSO BITTE QUICKSCOPE LOBBY !!!!!!!! das wird seit dem 1 teil von cod bin ich der meinung schon gemacht also kümmert euch rum kann doch nicht wahr sein -.- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I'm not 100% sure but I think that before the update (5/15) everyone got max ammo at the beginning of the round regardless of level, or if you didn't have the pro version of the scavenger perk. Can anyone verify?


    Also, I think throwing knives are a nuisance and should be removed like they were before. People can deal without them, especially now that the glitch spots have been removed. Even if someone is hiding in a hard to reach spot they will eventually run out of ammo.


    The only fault with that would be that the infected's K/D would go down the drain so maybe IW could only count the deaths partially.

  • 207. Re: New Community Playlist: INFECTED

    You make an interesting point.

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