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  • 50. Re: How can anyone stand Hard Core?

    I'm not a huge fan of HC, but I don't mind it.  I have a few friends that only play HC, so I play with them every now and then.  I'd rather play HC with friends than Core by myself.


    But what I absolutely can't stand, though, is the elitist attitude that is prevelant among HC players.  Many of them feel that playing HC makes them so much more awesome than those who play Core.

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    I am just tired of some one shooting RPGs or SMAW from a mile away blindly at a wall behind me and I get killed.   I get it.  You are clever.  You set up your Tactical Insert, you have an RPG and a 203.  You are not awesome.   You are a douche with ZERO gungame.  It shows everytime when you run out of explosives and I blast you.  I am just sick up having to die four times first. 

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    Fengferth wrote:


    I quite like both core and hardcore. Hardcore can seem alot more campy since it tends to be much more quieter then core. Then again it's always been like that in previous cods.


    Core really pissed me off though yesterday, on two matches (KC) all my teammates didn't move from corners at all and made absolutly no attempt to collect tags so I thought sod 'em, I collected most of 'em more points for me. Then I got a hate mail from one of them after the second match saying "why did you collect all my tags you ****, I was using them for bait."

    It really saddens me what the core comunity is like these days, what ever happened to the good old days of cod 4?


    I am yet to get any hate mail from playing hardcore and, in my opinion, the hardcore community is much better. Your more encouraged to go for the objectives I feel then in core.


    My two pennys.

    That's what KC is for me every time I play it. I feel like the devs tried to make a game mode geared more towards running and gunning, and the community turns it into a campfest. All anyone does is camp the damn tags.

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    hardcore mode was better in black ops by far it seemed like you did not dye as fast but on this game its almost always one bullet and your dead. I played hardcore on bops the whole time and never onced complained but i could not stand putting a clip in to one person in core mode. In mw3 i have to play core because of how powerfull these guns are

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    I loved HC on Blops. IW killed HC. All of tubers come over from core spraying that garbage around. Still having to deal with boosters in KC with their Tac Inserts. I am hoping (from what i have read of the "leaked info") that Blops 2 will fix HC and get rid of the no skill, garbage players that have plague HC in MW3.

    Sorry you cant stand HC, i can barely stand it. IW has killed HC.

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    I can't stand it any more. I was in the top 200 for Black Ops HC ffa and that's what I played most of the time. I think with the change of the reaction/feel of HC in MW3 in comparison, I just don't like it as much. That and this time around there's an even larger majority of people camping in corners....every match....every lobby. I've come to enjoy core modes with MW3 more than anything, it's boring plain and simple. It's free for all, not hunt the camper.

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    One of the things that has made CoD a successful series is that players have a multitude of choices of game types and styles to choose from.


    That being said, I personally prefer to play Hardcore. I started online in the COD series with World at War and played Core, being new to the series. I later got COD4, and picked up Modern Warfare 2 shortly after its release. I became extremely frustrated with MW2 very early on with all of the shenanigans that were going on. Much of it was the game itself, which was faulty, but a lot had to do with having to use one gun in order to get kills, people running down the middle of maps spraying indiscriminately, and it just wasn't fun anymore. I put the game aside for a few months. While I was gone, I watched a video online about Hardcore lobbies and figured I would give it a try.


    Playing Hardcore gave me a new lease on the game and I began to enjoy it again. There were tactics involved, and I met a great group of players that I still play with to this day. I was able to use all of the weapons in the game with success, instead of being saddled with whatever the "God Gun" was at the time.


    I personally enjoy Hardcore more, although its admittedly not as enjoyable on MW3 with the Ricochet and the usual shenanigans that occur in an MW3 lobby. Do people camp more? Perhaps, but thats what gives it the feel of an actual engagement. Sorry, but I don't think you will ever find a situation in battle where someone will be running down the middle of a wide open street spraying their weapons. Part of the fun for me is the tactical side, figuring out how to take or hold a position. Working with the other guys on my team to get the win or secure the objective. Being able to put some well aimed shots on an opponent and get a kill rather than a swath of hit markers, and of course, being able to use a variety of weapons.


    That being said, I have nothing against Core or the people who play it, I just prefer not to play in those lobbies. To each his own, play what you want to play!

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    I love how Elite clan ops brought all these core players to HC in thinking they were going to run through people with the careless solo tactics they are accustomed to. HC causes you to play with caution and a certain amount of skill more demanding then what is allowed in core. My advice to those core players playing HC for the clan ops is get used to playing HC or opt out when those clan ops are scheduled. Why make yourself frustrated over a few hundred clan xp? Same thing applies to me when I play core TDM.

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    Core is more realistic than hardcore minus the baby monitor. Not everyone dies from just two rounds in reality. Military personell have survived more than just two rounds.


    Hardcore is for players that have low aim and need to spray more. So need the easier kill because of less needed bullets so do not have to worry about being able to aim.


    The only stats that really determine if a player is good is their accuracy and hit/miss. K/d can be boosted and manipulated far easier than accuracy, or hit/miss stats.

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    A lot of Gross over-generalizations here.


    Nobody sprays and prays in core?  No need to knock others down. We all play what we enjoy playing. There are perks to both core and hardcore, and good players as well as bad players in both. Enough with putting people down, there is enough of that out there.

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