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Treyarch + Beach head studios. In Elite 2.0, how about zombie operations!!!


this works similar to how lone wolf and clan operations work but with a twist. Two very obvious differences between multiplayer and zombies is that in zombies you fight the game, In multiplayer you face other people. In multiplayer it is understandable why you wouldnt stick new weapons in dlc or as rewards in elite because it would be an unfair disadvantage on the enemy player. But when your playing in coop, the CPU doesnt give a monkey bomb.


What i am basically trying to say is can we have weapon unlockables in Elite operations for zombies? For example, OBJECTIVE: Most weapon upgrades on shangri-la. Top 50% gain a 5000 points start bonus for 20 games. top 25% earn a 25% discount off all zombie items like the random box, wall weapons and doors for 20 games. And top 10% earn the PPSH-41 Availability in the random box for 20 games.


The reward system doesnt have to be that complicated, but it would still be cool.


if you want, you could make those rewards in game by basing them on your last game's performance.


If you think this a good idea, just give me a like and if you can think of an even better idea. POST IT BELOW!!