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A very cool idea for mw4: Fully customized weapons (Devs, please take a look at this, thanks.  :)

Camo: For every 100 kills with a weapon, you unlock different weapon camo designs which you can then select your own camo scheme. As you get more kills, you unlock metallic colors, and then silver, pure black, iron, and gold finishes etc.


Weapon Stats: So say that the range, fire rate, damage, and accuracy were based on points from 1-100. Your weapons at stock would be just how they would normally in the game.


For every 1000 kills with a weapon, you get 5 points to which you can use to rank up any stat of the gun. You can only spend up to 5 points on any one stat. Aside from the stats, you can also rank up how you handle the gun such as

ads speed (quickdraw),

sprint speed with the gun,

strafe speed (like stalker),

switch time,

reload time,

recover from sprint time (steady aim pro),

attatchments proficiency (2 points),

stability proficiency (2 points),

focus proficiency (2 pts),

red dot reticle customization,

silencer proficiencies (option 1-increase range, but become visible on mini map to nearby players, option 2: stock silencer (no change)

muzzle flash reduction (with no silencer)

mag size

shot gun attatchment range/damage

and more



Any more ideas? Do you think this is a good idea?


I think this is a great idea and would make every weapon a powerhouse if you become experienced with it enough. Call of Duty needs some innovation, and this is a great step. There wouldn't be a need to buff or nerf anything because you can take care of that yourself. You can take any Call of Duty favorite and make it your go to gun against all opponents. There are flaws, which is why I ask you for suggestions/fixes. If every gun is powerful, nothing is overpowered. This would be VERY FUN in my opinion. But there are crybaby trolls out there.......


Instead of seeing only 10 of the 50 guns in this game, you would be seeing all 50 guns. NO TWO GUNS ARE ALIKE, EVERY GUN WOULD BE UNIQUE, WHICH WOULD BE AWESOME!