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dont even bother patching this game anymore

dont put out any new maps. dont work on elite anymore, just leave it alone because every new patch screws me over just a little more then the last one did. i would have to say at this point in the game about 90% of all my deaths i have died after being the first to fire with the crosshairs on the bad guy and be the one who comes out dead. i would also have to say that i have died while being the person being shot at first, seeing tracers go buy my head and still with my fast reflexes to get a bead and squeeze off at least 10 rounds of return fire to never get a hit marker. i always die after shooting someone in the back to have them turn around and kill me first somehow.


95% of the time i die while firing at the person who supposedly killed me with  my little fing red dot in their mid section, i got hours of video to back this up but whats the point of posting it.


i had 1 good evening of gameplay back in november where i was going 40 + kills every match and i wasn't 2 seconds lag comped. since then my K/D ratio has gone down drasticly which makes sence that the more i play this game the worse i get at it. im always at least 3 seconds behind which also makes sence being in the middle of southern california in a city populated by over a million people out here in wilderness of san diego where my 50mb down 10 mb up is worse then dial up.


if what i saw actually happened i would probably be ranked top 5000 players world wide, instead im ranked 1.5million something worthless. the best part is i can make a new profile and pretty much decimate everyone as a level 1 which lasts about 1 night when Infinity ward catches on to me and lag comps me to the point all i can do is shoot down UAV's and even then when i put the dot on the slowest flying aircarft i still miss unless i aim 2 to 4 inches behind it.


just stop already. dont make any more call of duty games.