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How to Stack Double XP Rewards - OFFICIAL




How does a Double XP weekend, Clan bonus Double XP and a Prestige coin Double XP Stack?


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Called Activision and here is the skinny...


The double XP weekend gives everyone 2x XP. You can stack other double XP from either a prestige coin and from a clan bonus. These are additive in reguards to length of time for the stack. See example below.


(1) Double XP weekend

(2) 1 Prestige Coin gives 2 hrs 2x XP

(3) Lets say your clan bonus (at level 20) is 4 hrs 2x XP


So if all are activated at same time, this would yield 6 hrs at 4x XP (2 for PC and 4 for CB), and the remainder of the weekend would be at 2x XP.


4x XP = 400 XP per kill in TDM


Note! if at any time while the 4x XP bonus is active you manage to get a MOAB the bonus for that match will be 8x XP.


8x XP = 800 XP per kill in TDM