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Poster BO2



In this post it shows a picture taken of a poster  05-02-12


Some kids will say that the poster is fake, or that the date doesn't make sense... And the smarter would say that the date most likely corresponds to a news release by Call Of Duty. Not of any particular game, but 'A' game.


It's not specific hence the blurry-ness of the man holding the gun. That and they have both Activision and Treyarch hanging out on the bottom corner of the poster. 


but the words that catch us all, (like pokemon) are, 'Return for debriefing'


Those three words could have a lot of meaning, or it could just be a complete random curve ball with 3 spikes on it dipped in poison.


I just want to share my thought in this.


'I think we are going to be in for a ride when they announce that there will be 2 games for the price of one. BO2, and a campaign zombie story line tightly woven in with the storyline from the BO campaign.'


jk, I really have no f'in idea... but its cool that this kind of information can go VIRAL!!!! Thank you internet!!!