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    In reply to your questions in the order you posted them


    1] Nah man, you just look good in black


    2] Seriously, no exaggeration here, but I bump into hackers ALL the time, or is the word modders? The guys with flashing names, the guys who 1 shot you from across the map with mp5s, the guys who shoot you through walls with pistols, the pre firing guys who cant know where your hiding, the pavelows after 2 kills, the constant care packages which always have air support in. Ive played a lot more than you Pork, and its rife mate. I will also say though, that the community is very paranoid against hackers and if someones in a party and lot of the chatting, or someone plays really good against you, lots scream hacker. I have 1 ally who`s very very good, and the number of times in pre lobbies where he texts me and says "leave hackers", or after the game "they were hacking" when they werent, its unreal. A lot of the pre firing stuff, and random deaths are due to internet, Not hackers, but they are 100% rife.


    3] They say the type 95 is OP coz of the insta kill in close quarters combat, which makes sense. People use this gun, and the barrat, like smgs. I watched a video a few days ago about the 95, and they say when its used like its supposed to be used, from distance, its a very good at what it does, but no more. I hate the gun as im a runner, and I tried it and it kinda sucked for me. Im ok with the acr, but dont really use ar`s in this game. If I did, the acr would be my weapon of choice, and with marksman and kick, its very good. The 95 would be way down my list of guns to use. Infact I NEVER pick a 95 up off the ground


    4] Im in if you need a body. My nat types sorted now, so im good to party.


    5] Never noticed any, you might wana enlighten me ingame or pm me. Dont put it here, lol. I noticed 1 on hardhat, near C flag. A place where you can sit and not be seen.

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    The meaning of Carbon in this african map, is a Charcoal type compound that can be used as fuel, ie coal. So basically I think its a fuel factory. Charcoal can also be turned into electricity, which could be the whirrling noise you hear halfway through every game.


    Another Carbon can contain diamonds, so it could be a diamond factory, ie breaking up carbon to find diamonds, which is obviously popular in low income africa. This option is far less likely though given the game we are talking about.

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    Yeah sorry I sucked last night Red, my nat type was messed up. Hopefully im sorted now That strict thing wrecks you when your partied, it was horrific at times.

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    I know who you are talking about, and if I'm right, he mainly just does that when he's mad, I stopped listening to him, so I'll only leave when I confirm that there are hacks, which isn't that often for me. It's like the boy who cried wolf.

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    Yeah your right buddy Loves his CAPS LOCK

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    Bootleg also has a glitch location...


    You can shoot out and people can see you... but you can't shoot in unless you shoot in a specific angle... namely the same way the players came in.

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    I think it might be a coal processing factory, i might be wrong though .Its dirty and it has something to do with fuel.


    Anyways.... When are you going to admit to hacking porkins? I know the spawns are bad, but that does not explain why I spawned right when your care package was about to land

    Oh and the african militia is OP. They run faster, jump higher, are more agile, and they camouflage in the dark.

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    I've done it to people five times. What I do is after I spawn I throw it about where I spawned, and yeah.

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    That's the glitch I saw some guy doing it, and I was thinking hacker, but I saw his ugly face and shot him down.


    Only reason I'm saying about hackers because if you think about it... I've been called a hacker numerous times. Those people come on here, and they come on here. HACCCKKKKKKKKKERRRRRRRSSSD ARE EVERYWHEEEEREEEE!!! Not that I don't trust you of others, but some people exaggerate.

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    If you are an African Militia and hide in that dark house near the chopper in Bakaara...

    you're practically invisible