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No golden Riot Shields!?

First noobtubes, next rapid fire, then akimbo FMG's, NOW THIS!?

This is an outrage! Triarch is a complete racist bunch of corndogs!
I see absolutely nothing different between the Riot Shield and other primarys!

The Riot Shield itself gained the title of "Primary Weapon" so it should have the same rights as the Assult Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Shotguns, Light Machine Guns, and Sub Machine Guns!

But instead, the poor Riot Shield had its right of being whatever color it wants stripped by these racist monkeys.

And even worse, when a player goes out to work their butts off bashing enemies into a coma up until this magic shield of eternal sleep is level 10 then they don't even get gold camo for it!

Don't worry riot shielders! I'm standing up for our rights!

We need to raise these riot shields and show Triarch whos boss over what controls our games rights!

Lets show these people what we're really made of, and that we're serious! Ready your riot shields!