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Most ridiculous RPG shot ive seen yet....


I couldnt help but facepalm and lol after what I seen after I launched an RPG at a humvee to kill someone.It was a total fail and I wish I had my theater thing on. Ok on Dome lets say you walk out of the dome on the tunnel side and instead of goin toward the tunnel you go up that hill. Well I went rigth up to that hill right by the wall with my RPG and went to shoot the humvee that was exactly perpendicular to my sight (to your direct left as you walk out of the building). I aim right in the center of it and blast the beast and watched that thing spiral down underneath of the humvee and not even touch it. It didnt hit the ground or anything. Went perfectly under it. Now the next chance anyone gets please look from that angle at the small crevice my RPG managed to make it thru. If I was right by that humvee and tried to duplicate I couldnt.