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    The usas thing is more of a tweak than a buff.  2 extra damage at range does next to nothing but insure no more 4+ hitmarker kills at range.


    I have never had this kind of crap happen with any other gun in mw3.  This clip is from the same game.  I will be destroying one second and get some really crappy hitmarkers the next second. 


    I didn't include the kill cam in the first one because the guy I was not aiming at killed me so it showed nothing of value.  The second hitmarker is more for just a balance argument.  Why should that guy survive a perfectly centered damage proficiency pump shotgun blast to the chest from 10 meters?  It doesn't make sense.


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    Pump shotguns are already a huge chalenge with their slow fire rate and limited range.  The spas, 1887, ksg, and aa12 account for 4 of your 9 worst performing weapons.  Most of those other 9 weapons you don't have as many kills with so their k/d might be much higher once leveled and used extensively.  So lets just say that you pump shotguns and the aa12 are tied for your worst performing weapons along with the pm9.  Do you think that on these small maps that all of your pump shotguns and the aa12 should be your worst performing weapons. 


    Mw3 maps are primarily close and mid range.  It is possible to control all your engagements to keep enemies within 15 meters of you.  So why is it that the guns that should have the advantage in those ranges perform worse than the other primaries in mw3?  Its because they don't have the advantage.  All shotguns save the striker need a buff to even claim mw3 has any sense of blance.

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    It's really easy to avoid shotguns. Just stay out of their range. Then their shotguns are worthless.


    I remember a few days ago I was playing a match on Mission, trying to grind up the Model, and everytime I killed someone, I would hear for a second in the speaker, "F&CKING SHOTGUN!" When the match ended and the next started, I heard, "Hey, the shotgun user is on the other team!" (I almost wanted to say, "Hey the assault rifle guys are on the other team!)


    Then in the lobby, I challenged the people calling me out to use a plain KSG-12 and go positive with it. Then they all left.

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    What I don't understand is why people get mad about shotguns and not snipers.  They are both a one shot kill but shotguns only work for a certain distence while snipers can one shot kill at any range.  Whats even more fun is that snipers don't have to wory about map navigation or leveling their weapon to get good games.  Yet no body even cares when they get sniped by a dude across the map.  The quality of aim required to get a 15 meter one shot kill with a pump shotgun is better than almost any practical sniper shot.  Yet shotguns catch the hate.

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    Well, I don't think people consider shotguns to be precision weapons. People know that snipers need to aim good (or have the aim assist come in, lol) to get that one shot kill.


    When people get one-shotted by a shotgun, they've usually been hipfired, so my guess is that people assume that's it's a noob weapon because they think it requires no skill to aim and get that kill.

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    I only play Objective gametypes and I always play solo. Just because my kd is low with those weapons doesn't mean I'm not playing well in the game I'm in. For example, the KSG and PM-9 were on my CTF classes and when I play CTF I'm trying to cap flags. So I can go 2-6 but get 3 caps and I'm top of my team with points and the guy under me is 12-2 with half as many points.


    You're clearly an experienced player and you have a lot of useful insight on the game so I don't understand why you put so much emphasis on kdr being the measurement of success.


    I can play Domination or HQ and  go 40-40 but still be at the top of the leaderboard. I'm not being defensive, I don't really care about my kdr or stats in general. I'm just asking if you take gametype or playstyle into consideration.

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    either one is a douche class plain and simple. As it was put to bowling, the biggest problem with the COD franchise is that people will find the most annoying class they possibly can just to piss people off. Period. for some, it's the QS, most using the MSR because let's face it, I'm in my mid 30s and even I can quickscope with that. for others its the Striker, but of course, now everyone thinks it's numbah one GI to run around with assault rifle/shotgun attachment using scavenger. plain and simple, most from 10-20 will find a way to be the biggest douchebag in the lobby just to get attention then scream into the mic "Y U MAD BRO???!!!!"


    mute/move on.

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    I play primarily slayer games where kills count for score that is part of the reason.  But more to the point k/d ratio tells how a weapon does in a typical encounter in mw3.  The higher the k/d a weapon has the better it performs in a majority of situations in mw3.  Yes you can get high scores by going 40-40 but if you take a better weapon and go 60-20 it will be better for you and your team.  So if you get into 80 gunfights in a game and the shotgun goes 40-40 and the smg goes 60-20 its clear to see which one helps the team more.


    For objective games a higher k/d weapon will statisticly be able to defend or attack objectives generally better than a low k/d weapon, making it easier to win.  This works with weapons that generally support the same play style.  Obviously its hard to compare sniper k/d to smgs k/d because the playstyle is so different.  But shotguns to smgs and ARs is a fairly easy comparison. 


    To really understand this I'll put it simply, if you change nothing but your primary weapon (playstyle, map, and tactics stay the same) The other primaries will do better than shotguns in mw3. 

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    Funny story, I was playing some solo KC against a party of 3-4 I was using my Striker (my fav gun in the game) and I was using support, uav ballistic vests. And the enemy could not kill me. Inwas beasting with my Striker went like 31-8 but I had a bad start but after that I was owning them and in the lobby they said: He's getting reported for cheating he's invincible. That was so funny, Ballostic Vest, best killstreak in cod history. :3

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    bump Buff the shotguns

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