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what would like to see in Black Ops 2?

peronally i would like the return of the War game mode from World of War and bettter servers

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    much better hit detection, lag ops had the worst i have ever seen. lag comp was a joke just like mw3.i would love to see fun kill streaks, give cheap scopers there own game mode and then ban the sniper rifle from kc if its in lag ops 2. but i would settle for way less lag and when i shoot someone in the body they die after 4 or 5 bullets. and please take out host disadvantage.


    but if i could choose one thing it would be given the choice, do you want to be considered for host. because my answer would be no not ever. why should i be punished for being host.. and lag ops almost always made me host. but this time i am not willing to put up with it.

    if i buy the game and it does the same to me again. i will dashboard everytime . and i hate it when people do that. but i am fed up with the lag comp, lag and hit detection in the last two games.

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    XM8 AR

    Prestige Shop 2.0

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    I want to see Support, Specialist, a better Prestige Shop, Elite 2.0, Weapon Proficiencies, and maps that are NOT like MW3's. I also want to see more destructible environment and more Point Streak Rewards.

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    I want to see a new engine

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    XM8 AR






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    I'd like to see....


    [ 1 ]people actually being punished/banned  for using cheats/mods/boosting  in Lone Wolf/ Clan Ops and regular MP.

          Like if a there were people dedicated to watching and reviewing footage,etc and letting you know whether the person was reprimanded or not....

          No point in competing when people are manipulating the outcome especiaclly when I PAY TO COMPETE!!!


    [ 2 ] I hope that the Clan progression system is better and  isnt based on the number of premium members and Clan Ops alone- should be able to             level up whenever you're playing with any members of your clan...


    [ 3 ]GUN DLCs would be nice


    [ 4 ].PREVIOUS MAPS (or top 6) should be added FOR FREE.


    [ 5 ] NO quick scope'n wannabe snipers in black ops 2 (such a disgrace smh..)...




    [ 7 ] Customize your character/gun alot more (like rainbow 6 )..


    [ 8 ] Pivoting on corners/ objects (rainbow 6, gears 3, etc)


    [ 9 ] Drop Shot/ Final Stand should be toned down


    [ 10 ] BRING BACK PURE!!!!..


           { NOTE } Im very good in both MW3 and BOPs and 15th prestige on both so everything i mentioned has nothing to do with me being a bad player         for those that have something negative or rude to say...  just expressing my thoughts...

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    A) No idle sway.


    B) HUDSON!


    C) A game that lives up to treyarchs previous 2 titles.  Skill rewarded unlike mw2 and 3, both of which were beyond awful.

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    I like how they're revamping the single player campaign with choices that affect the outcome. While it probably won't be Bioware changing, it's still awesome to see something different. Multiplayer just needs some kind of change, I don't know what to suggest but some kind of change is needed. Lastly, I think going back to basics for zombies would be good at first, I didn't like Moon personally and my favorite maps are still WaW and I didn't even personally own WaW. I respect them trying to innovate the game mode but I feel it went the wrong way towards the end of black ops. And with the future and past setting there's a lot they could do with it. This new strikeforce mode should be interesting, and hopefully turns out well. I think Treyarch realizes this franchise really needs a breath of new life, something different. Lots of people have panicked about it turning into Halo, but we need to stop clinging to the past of the franchise otherwise it's going to die. This game is a big move by Treyarch, and I wish them all the best! Sorry about all the text =P I don't post as often as I used to, just wanted to share my opinion.