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So I paid 50€ for Elite and got 4 Maps after half a year.. And now you announce Blops2 ?

So I paid 12,50€ for a map that I got from elite and you are announcing Blops2 on May 1 ? How about delivering some value to Elite Subscribers first ?


I mean 1,5 Million People bought ELITE thats like 75 Million USD at least cos from the EUR Sales you make even more, how much of this money that the truest COD Fans spent, actually went into maps? I would bet its less than 1 Million.  I would have been better off to buy a full price retail game instead from my money over getting 4 Maps and some other "Elite" Stuff that I dont even need. The missions I completed in 15 Minutes or so. Great. Now I have 4 maps and its great we can play them in Survival. Thanks for that. But how about starting to deliver a lot of more content so I get some value for my 50€ ? Value in the area of a full price game. Meaning way more maps, maybe even some guns and new additions to the Survival Mode.


I will definately never buy a COD again so I save 110€ each year because you really got me raged for this Elite Crap where now after half a year all we got is 4 new maps.