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    I sort of agree.  But I think that even if you play by yourself, you should be able to hold above a 1.0 w/l if you are decent.  So if I see someone with below a 1.0 w/l but a high k/d, I assume they either camp very hard in TDM or don't play the obj whatsoever in objective gametypes.

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    KDR is a pointless stat, because anyone is capable of going 30-1 every game if they play a certain way.


    You can't judge someone based on their ability to stay alive.


    I couldn't care less if the person capping the flag or trying to plant the bomb has a terrible K/D. If he's playing the hell out of the objective, he's a winner in my book.

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    And I agree with that.  Although if someone goes 30-1 every game, at least in TDM, you can't deny they have a good amount of skill. 

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    Like I said, k/d only matters if you win, as in you can only brag about your k/d in objective gametypes if you win.  If you lose but go 30-1 in dom, with no caps/defends, you have no right to brag about how good you did  But you're right, it's more about playing the objective than kills/deaths.

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    ap0stl3 wrote:


    in my opinion, k/d only matters in TDM, and sometimes, not even then.  If you play TDM, and you go 5-0 and your team loses, technically, if everyone else died a couple times, you have the highest k/d ratio (if you die zero times, your k/d is technically infinity).  However, I wouldn't say that means you are the best.  You basically camped the whole game to have the best k/d but didn't help your team.


    I would agree. You actually have to have an impact on the game. So k/d alone is meaningless even in TDM. In TDM k/d, average amount of kills and w/l combined must be taken into consideration. And if you play with a group your k/d and w/l should be better than somone who plays alone, provided your teammates are decent players. Because when you are teamed with randoms that consistantly go 1-15, 3 -14 etc etc you are going to lose no matter what you do. 

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    Both are just numbers.

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    both doesnt matter, cause cod sucks anyway

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    K/D is just a statistic that's worshiped by the arrogant in an attempt to better their gaming experience. While that's fine to an extent, with my expereince of 3.0 K/D+ players and their tendencies to disconnected due to transmission error (dashboard), I don't see any other significance of someones K/D.


    W/L is an even more dubious indicator of skill. I mean just jump into a public infected lobby and AFK there; you almost always win, the time inbetween matches are a mere 15 seconds and you won't get kicked for inactivity because you spawn automatically.


    Umong other things, I personally value someone who plays the objective well and/or can troll stalk an enemy player like a boss.

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    Then get off the forums.

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    KD is not indicative if you are a good player anymore than w/l. K/D in this game can be easily manipulated to where that stat means nothing. So to try and claim it is the all important stat that determines if a players is good or not especially in a CoD game means you really know a lot less about the game than you think or claim.


    Every stat in this game can be manipulated if a player wants to to make them self seem better or worse and its not hard to do it either.

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