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joke of a game

This is the most horrible game ever. The continous lag combined with the garbage spawns and the ballistic vests (a.k.a. jesus jakets) all make for a terrible game. You should never be able to spawn and stab the enemy without taking a step yet it happens way too often. As far as I know there hasnt been a vest made that can withstand a .50 caliber bullet yet the ballistic vest on this game can save you from a rocket or grenade not to mention headshots and shots below the waist. The only thing that Infinity Ward did right with this game was to allow us to hear a second or two of the poor soul that we were very lucky to actually kill. Its almost as if the devs of MW3 got together in a little room and wrote down all the things that would make this a wonderful, fun to play game...and as soon as that was done they crumpled up the piece of paper hired a bunch of 6yr olds with down syndrome and turned them loose with the controls. The only reason I still play this game is because im addicted to it and i have so much money tied up in it. I seriously cant wait for treyarch to come out with their new one...someone that knows what they are doing cause i have lost all faith in the dunderheaded bimbletards at IW.