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  • 20. Re: K/D vs W/L

    Since the introduction of Elite and the BO stat pages people put far too much emphasis on how they fare against the rest of the community.


    Can you ever remember people being so obsessed with either stat in earlier games.


    As someone else has quite rightly pointed out the stats can easily be manipulated so why worry other people.


    I never check other people's stats other than the odd look at the lobby leaderboard before a game to see who I've got on my team.


    A guy in my game was running a 5.62 K/D ratio and I could see why he only had 2 bars in the game and was insta killing everybody on my team so that's partly the reason, not because of his immense skill.

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    Also, I think how good of a player you are depends on whatever mode you are playing. A high K/D might be good in TDM but terrible at Dom.

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    trialstardragon wrote:


    KD is not indicative if you are a good player anymore than w/l. K/D in this game can be easily manipulated to where that stat means nothing. So to try and claim it is the all important stat that determines if a players is good or not especially in a CoD game means you really know a lot less about the game than you think or claim.


    Every stat in this game can be manipulated if a player wants to to make them self seem better or worse and its not hard to do it either.

    I can also agree w/ the W/L, although I think's it's trickier to do than K/D.


    I can understand K/D being a determining stat in TDM (and even then) but for objective game modes it really should depend on what they have done, like how many points they have captured, plants and defuses, flags grabbed and returned.

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    A high KD will never be terrible in ANY gametype,  what a noob...

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    I've seen one with a rare 3.6 KDR on TDM and his KDR was achieved based on his gamestyle. He would lie prone in a heavy traffic area, rock Assassin Pro and pretend like a dead body by switching weapons repeatedly and ambush unsuspected players. It's a dubious gamestyle but it works.

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    w/l means a hell of a lot more than k/d. You can easily pad your k/d in game modes like infected or dom, but a w/l shows how much of a team player you are.

    simple truth 6 players playing as team will almost always beat 6 lone wolfs

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    But that is a better "Team" not a better player.

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    A better "team" player is a better player. What in the world are you talking about?

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    Go into a match of domination and try to maintain high K/D while capping flags.


    Oh, sorry. That would mean you're a team player.

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    you have to ask yourself the question, do you play to win or play just to whore out your k/d?

    It's alots easiler to pick up a death or 2 capping a flag or planting a bomb than sitting back and hoping your team carries your work load. And before you say putting air support up helps, it still isn't putting points on the board

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