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The MK14 rifle does not have the performence as it is represented in the statistics of the game.



The MK14 is the most powerfull single shot assault rifle, you can kill easy everyone with it on a long distence. Only sniper rifles like the Barret .50cal and MSR can beat this weapon because they can shoot at longer distences with more accuracy using one bullet instead of two too kill. This weapon can shoot a quarter further then any other assault weapons and it has less weapon sway. This weapon requires also one bullet as well to make a headshot, so you maight be thinking this is the ultimate weapon if you're can shoot fast and accurate but is not.


Issue of the weapon:

This weapon is only effective if you try too kill someone on a large distence but it will take you two consecutive shots marked as a hit for that, but why does it takes mostly of the time three or more bullets to kill someone on a short distence? You will always lose the battle if you battle with someone that is very close by? Why? You can't afford three or more bullets that are marked as a hit in this situation because even a NOOB will kill you with that kind of performence of a single shot rifle because it's taking too much time.


Yes you are quickly on large distences if you can shoot accurate but that doesn't have to say you will got restricted of performence on short distences right? Why are those performences are shown in the game anyway, with the true performence it should be one bullet to kill someone like the sniper rifle Dragonov can do on short distences because it has the same performence as well. Dragonov can use quickscope for short distences but if you are using it scoped then I agree it will take the Dragonov one bullet to kill on average distences wich MK14 can not. Dragonov can also use the ACOG Scope attachment but it still can kill you with one bullet on short distences. Why? Somtimes the MK14 wouldn't even react if you have a bad but acceptable connection. The performence as it is shown about the MK14 should have be exaggerated on short distences when firing and hit two bullets with aiming down the sights.


My opinion or solutioin:

So my solution is to make one hipfire shot (using the 'Steady Aim' perk) with the MK14 and a shot with aiming down the sight then the kill must be granted, it would be hard to beat a submachine gun but you can stay a chance to kill other people with other assault rifles if you're faster, this kind of rule will make the rifle as it should be, and I will be happy with this. If you can't shoot then leave the MK14 behind but nobody can shoot 100% accurate.


No I do not think it will make it to easy to kill with the MK14 with this rules because if you missed one or two bullets with the MK14 the enemy will take you down for sure. Don't forget that it is just a single shot rifle. At the same time of firing; three shots with the MK14 will give the enemy enough time to shoot almost a half of a mag. and they just need 4 bullets of it to kill you or me  If someone shot you first the MK14 wouldn't even hurt them without FOCUS attached on this weapon weapon. So if you hit them first and you missed the second shot they will have a better chance to kill you because their weapon will flinch once then they can keep up the fire without being hurt because your weapon stay's being flinched if you are being hit at all the times.

If I'm using the FOCUS attachment on this weapon then the weapon will be barely accurate so I've to shoot even more then two shots to hit them. You can use one of multiple weapon specialty's not two at the same time that's why I use the KICK proficiency. The KICK proficiency will reduce my recoil when firing so it stay's accurate when I'm shooting bullets fast one after another. I go for speed to kill not being to slow and got him afterall.


How to get this problem solved:

Please reply a note to me but the staff of MW3 for sure, if you agree with this. You have to keep in your mind that your own accuracy or specialty with any gun have to be paid off, you will see it for yourself if you even try to use the MK14. I know submachine guns are always faster if you are using them right but if it's not you will got killed as well by any other assault rifles but not by the MK14 because it will take you that damn three or more bullets (marked as a hit) to kill, sometimes you've got to fire 5 shots try to hit them on short distences right if they are keep moving fast. (if they have spotted you 4 bullets must be horrible enough if you could kill them with two hits). This must be solved because lots of people are playing


My conclusion:

It's a damn good rifle if you can shoot with it but not within the range of other weapons even if you can hit them twice then you suddenly needs three hits to kill them wich cost you to much time. You will see it for yourself if they keep moving and they don't die with two hits then you know what I'm talking about! Nobody likes this rifle because of this discription about the issue or they can't handle it. You can talk live to MW3 staff via a chat button on the main support page, if we have enough people who's doing that maybe the next update will solve this problem. This weapon have to be paid off because of your own accuracy, if I could be a sniper then I had a sniper rifle because good snipers have the most flexebility to kill.