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    i just talked to a guy unfortunately stopped responding for some reason. he said they were looking into the issues and that yes we should be getting a patch soon

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    Kevin M: Hello, how can I help you?

    You: hello im looking for information on call of duty MW3 Wii

    Kevin M: ok

    Kevin M: is it about the new patch?

    You: haha yes sir indeed, as you may probably now there is a Thread in the forums about it, some representatives have said yes to the patch and some others have said there is no info so we are trying to figure out which of the two it is

    Kevin M: We are aware and looking into the situation for the new patch

    Kevin M: as you know there many hackers on the Wii You: yes that is the main problem with the game right now

    You: many people are also complaining about the FMG9 akimbo guns i personally dont see anything wrong with them but people hate getting killed by them lol


    it was the same guy as before and unfortunately (again i think its my lap top) there was no respose but he did say they were looking into it.

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    What do you think about this?


    Joseph M: Hello, how can I help you?

    Joseph M: I would be glad to assist you with this issue, but first can I please have your name and the best number to contact you with in the event our chat gets disconnected?

    You: My name is Eldo,

    Joseph M: Hi Eldo, what can I do for you tonight? You: I have some questions regarding the wii version of MW3.

    Joseph M: ure

    Joseph M: *Sure

    You: Do you know anything about the wii version of the game?

    You: Like all the hackers?

    Joseph M: I am fmailiar with it, yes.

    You: They are making the game unplayable. I paid 50$ for a game that has hackers 9/10 games I join.

    You: Is there a patch comming anytime soon to stop them?

    Joseph M: At the moment, the developers at Treyarch are working primarily on new ways of identifying and banning hackers. There may be a patch, but they have not said if it will be a download for consoles, a server end patch, or what such a patch may include.

    You: If you go on the wii forums, you can see many of the people posting chats where they talked to people at activison regarding the same issue. Some agents say a patch is comming other say they dont know. Do you even have the slightest information regarding the game? It would make alot of wii players happy to hear it.

    Joseph M: Support really isn't the best place to get that information. We work for the publisher (Activision), while the patches are made by Treyarch who released the Wii version. As such, we don't have a lot of the details. Officially, the developer has said they are aware of these issues and are investigating numerous ways to address them. They have not officially said that their resolution would take the form of a patch, though it is likely. However, we are not told what a patch would include, specifically when it's to improve security. If we gave details about that out, it could be used by the wrong people to circumvent the fixes. As such, they don't even tell us.

    You: Thanks for the information. Do you mind if I put this on the forums so other may see it?

    Joseph M: That would be fine with me.

    You: Thanks again , bye.

    Joseph M: If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us any time. Thanks for contacting Activision Support. Have a great night.

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    These people are getting spammed.

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    Oh and btw I clicked the link but it just takes me to a random support page. What do I do from there?

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    Go to something like lets talk... in the right corner of your browser

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    Internet chat or calling?

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    Its not there.

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    Found it. Not good results


    Shawn S: Hello, how can I help you?

    You: Im asking about wether there will be a patch for the wii


    You: for mw3


    Shawn S: I apologize for the inconvenience of this issue. But I do not know of any future patches.


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    Ok guys i think we should stop asking them they are here for support......wellll....they can't really help us in anyway...........but they cant give out a patch info either because it is against their rules........

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