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Quick Scoping "IS" all about the aim assist *video example page 4*

Take my word it for it, I've tested this on Wii with no aim assist after hearing some back on forward, as the Wii has no aim assist on the CCP it is bear near impossible to get a QS even though I can do it very well on Xbox without even trying, tbh when doing it on Xbox I didn't know it was doing the work for me but am now 100% sure some magic happens to make that bullet hit.




Used a sniper possibly 30 games on Xbox, QS'ed about 5 times every game.

On Wii used the sniper about 10 games to test and got zero quickscopes.



Well there you go, its all about the aim assist, not that I care or take sides, just like to find definitive answers on things before making my mind up.

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