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After the double XP weekend, where do you stand?


So this weekend for me was really good.  I had good games, ok connection at times, and my k/d ratio went up from all the noobs.    Good weekend indeed.


I was just curious to see where everyone stands.  Not you prestige 15 level 80 punks, but those who are still working your way up to that level.  How many levels, or prestiges, did you complete?? 


This was my first double XP weekend that I was able to participate in and I was surprised.  I played for maybe 20 hours starting Friday-Sunday.  Started at prestige 9 level 72, when I stopped playing on Sunday in the afternoon I had made it to prestige 11 level 20. 


Not too bad if I do say so myself.  I am not a COD god either, just a normal player. My K/D is only 1.06 btw, but I up'd it from 1.04 at the beginning of the weekend.  I managed to squeak out a 48-7 game on HCKC Saturday night while still managing to be at the top of the scoreboard in the end of the match.  Seen plenty of guys go 50 or 60+ in HC KC and be somewhere in the middle b/c they were just camping and not confirming/denying any kills.   


So for those of you that took advantage of this weekend, how many levels/prestiges did you complete??