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  • 10. Re: Quick Scoping "IS" all about the aim assist

    The Wii is not different at all, exact same game, just different pads but more or less the same.

  • 11. Re: Quick Scoping "IS" all about the aim assist

    Yeah that's right, on Wii there is no help at all, if you line up an inch to the right it will hit an inch to the right, if they're moving its damn near impossible without it.

  • 12. Re: Quick Scoping "IS" all about the aim assist

    Yeah, I figured.  Never having played it on the Wii though, I didn't know if it had the option to turn off aim assist.  But I assumed it was like Xbox/PS3 in that there was no way to turn off aim assist.  Oh and by the way, back to the OP, you do realize that it would be more difficult to shoot any gun without aim assist right?  Granted quickscoping would be hard to do but even using regular guns would be harder than with aim assist.  Just saying aim assist doesn't only apply to snipers.

  • 13. Re: Quick Scoping "IS" all about the aim assist

    Don't have MW3 for Wii as I'm not going to buy 3 copies of the game just to play on all the consoles but have seen vids the graphics are terrible compared to Xbox etc and the aiming is completely different is it not more like using a light gun by aiming at the enemy by pointing and firing?

  • 14. Re: Quick Scoping "IS" all about the aim assist

    There is no aim assist on classic controller pro for the Wii, only if you use the pointer thing, as for being more difficult with normal guns it isn't, I have about a 2.5kd on Wii while only 1.28 on Xbox, no aim assist on normal guns actually makes it easier, especially when running into groups since it doesn't drag.

  • 15. Re: Quick Scoping "IS" all about the aim assist

    I don't really care about graphics and have the Wii for some of the exclusives, got MW3 for next to nothing and was intrigued to see how it played, was shocked to see it was exactly the same with worse graphics but very playable and quite a chilled game experience with only 5v5 on these cluttered maps and the best thing, no predator missiles.


    And yeah smokesdope you can use the Wiistick thing but I don't, I use the controller for it.

  • 16. Re: Quick Scoping "IS" all about the aim assist

    QS has ruined drop zone. Every single game i have enterd the last 3 nights have been nothing but bad kids QS outside the zone. I guess it is enjoyable losing 7500-1000 and going negative every game.

  • 17. Re: Quick Scoping "IS" all about the aim assist

    Yeah, that would suck.  But I personally think it's unfair to say quickscoping ruined this an ruined that.  It's the actual player that ruined it.  I know many people, including myself, who like to quickscope and play the objective of the game.  If you know zzirgrizz, he plays domination almost exclusively, quickscopes while doing so, and wins most of his games.  So again, blame the players, not the technique.  Quickscoping didn't ruin dropzone, certain players "ruined" dropzone.

  • 18. Re: Quick Scoping "IS" all about the aim assist

    As I recall, Black Ops didn't have aim assist, or at least not for sniper rifles.  Is this correct?


    So the test to solve this ongoing argument would be for one of the quick scope players from this forum add one of their QS montages from the Black Ops game.  If they can consistantly quick scope in a game that has no aim assist, then it must be a skill of the player, supporting their argument.  If quick scoping was too difficult in Black Ops, then the other argument must win that the aim assist is the only real reason you can do it.


    Everyone on either side of this argument can argue back and forth that "it's because I'm skilled" or "it's because they gave you aim assist", but no one will win.  Put the evidence out there to support your claims.  Then this will be an interesting thread.

  • 19. Re: Quick Scoping "IS" all about the aim assist

    So ANOTHER Quickscoping "does or does not" take skill thread ?


    Especially one where someone plays this one the Wii ????


    After all the bad reviews of this game for the Wii I never actually thought someone would own a version of the Wii for more than a half hour. Even more surorising someone would own a copy for BOTH the Wii and the 360.


    If I remember Craig stated that MW3 sucks so then why would he buy it for the Wii as well .

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