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MW3, where even the worst of players are rewarded for being BAD.


     I love the Call of Duty franchise.  I was there when Soap survived his first mission( racing out of the ship as it sank and barely making it out of alive.)  I was there when the first players entered the online battlefield and dawned their ghillie suits.  Good times, bad times, funny times, and those embarassing moments.


     But now we have entered a dark age, where even the absolute worst player  can score something as awesome as a juggernaut or a stealth bomber without even getting 2 kills without dying.  It seems that Activision has taken the philosophy they adopted in World of Warcraft(you know, that "I'm terrible at this game but i should still get cool stuff anyway") approach. Then to add insult to injury, They made these 2 of my favorite killstreaks exclusive to support, meaning that if you play like you have any semblence of skill at all, you will never get to use these 2 rewards unless you go against everything you believe and go with this very underhanded killstreak perk.


     And you may laugh but heres what myself and the majority of the population think when we see some guy running around with a shotgun+range perk and a support streak package.  You are telling us as an idividual that you can neither aim nor get more than 2 kills without dying.  yet you do this and then brag during intermission lobbies about your 35 kills and 40 death score and how awesome your 2 stealth bombers were.   But I guess activision has the right idea from a financial standpoint.  Keep tricking you into thinking you are good at this game by giving you positive reinforcement with unearned killstreak rewards so you dont get frustrated and realize that you are wasting your money on monthly subs(if your an xbox live member).



There is some good news though, black ops 2 will no longer have final stand, and instead of recovering from narrowly escaping death while running around wiht a shotgun, you will inevitibly bleed out from injury, not recover full health by hiding in a corner somewhere.