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  • 40. Re: K/D vs W/L

    Precisely, K/Dr should be removed from every obj game. It should not show on the score board or the leader board for those game modes. It should only show on FFA and TDM.


    And perhaps if they made kills in obj games count only half towards your k/dr or maybe 1/3 than people would kill whore less in obj games and go for the objectives more instead.

  • 41. Re: K/D vs W/L

    No reason not to achieve both in Dom.

  • 42. Re: K/D vs W/L

    Your the noob, I have seen players with 2.5-4.0 come in to games like demo or sab and have their arse handed to them so badly that they dashboard to save the stats. So never assume just because someone has a high k/dr that they are a good player. Do not be such a noob and beleive that is always the case.

  • 43. Re: K/D vs W/L

    Both stats are general guidlines only. The only people that can showoff a great W/L are regular party players. In MW3 It's very difficult to have a decent W/L for a solo player. In previous CODs good players could FFA to bring up the W/L. Unfortunately in MW3 FFA is a joke.

    Also K/D can be manipulated from dashboarding. I tend to gauge a good player based on a few games if they hang in the same lobby and consistently do well regardless of team swaps and host migrations.

    Score Per Minute from BO was the most reliable way to gauge a players performance in real time. The chimp devs of course left that aspect out in the copypasta effort that is MW3.

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    SPM was really on indicative if you were a run-n-gunner not really a good player. I could easily keep a high spm and do terrible on k/ds by rushing around getting as many kills per minute as possible even if I died several times during that time span too.


    In this game epecially with kc. spm would really be way off because of those that only killed compared to those that got the tags. those that grabbed the tags would have a much higher spm but may have a much lower k/dr overall.


    I used to get 3-6k a match in kc by just running after tags and maybe getting 10-20 on kd/r

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    finishing top of a losing team means your still on the losing team. getting 50 kills in a demo is good but if you're planting or defusing how do you expect to be on the winning team.

    At the end of day the easiest way to lose a game is hope that team mates do your work for you while you sit back grabbing as many kills as you can, because if no one plays the objective you won't put any points on the board.

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    Threads like these make me laugh why does everybodys world revolve around statistics......


    Before i start i dont have a problem with people that like to keep track of there progress and that try to find ways of improving themselves as a player...


    I have pretty decent stats myself to be fair a 2+k/d & just as decent w/l but they mean nothing to me and nor should they to you i mainly play TDM normally in a full 6 and we usually clean up every game but just the same when i play alone i normally get my arse handed to me i injoy the game for what it is a game....


    Yes there are some better players out there then others they call noobs well geuss what we were all so called noobs once you dont just jump into a game and be the god of cod you start off the same way everybody else does so dont think coz ur stats have higher numbers then other peoples ur there superior coz ur not...


    But when it comes down to it i dont trust any k/d w/l or leaderboards because people who's world seem to revolve around stats are mainly persistant dashboarders or boosters that either dash or boost there way to the top of the leaderboards or to maintain their stats and others boost for their k/d manipulating w/l along the way too...


    I myself dont see the point in caring so much about stats that are irrelevant to ur life i mean ur not going to sit in a pub with ur mates in 30 years time bragging about how good ur cod stats were way back when because i guarantee nobody will give a rats arse...


    Wise up people its just a game injoy it

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    Sorry I wasn't as clear on the SPM aspect. To clarify, in BO the SPM, used in conjunction with KD, was a better indicator of player ability.

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    I agree with the OP in the following sense:


    All of the best players have a high KD.


    Not every who has a high KD is one of the best players.

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    I suppose if your talking TDM, K/D matters the most. Outside of that, not at all. Anyone can sit in a corner on domination and go for kills while completely ignoring the objective, its not that hard.


    W/L would have meant something if infected lobbies didnt count towards it. Someone on my friends list has 12 something W/L ratio because all he does is play infected now.


    I think score per minute is a good indicator of player skill, and not lobby leaderboard rank.


    Leaderboards are flawed in the fact that alot of the higher ups only have more time on their hands than most people and/or no other hobbies outside of the game as compared to those who are actually good.

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