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    Nybor wrote:


    Sorry I wasn't as clear on the SPM aspect. To clarify, in BO the SPM, used in conjunction with KD, was a better indicator of player ability.


    Very true couldnt agree more

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    I just don't see how the game is fun for most players if you don't win? I mean isn't that the whole point of playing video games, to win?  I hate losing, I could care less about any stat in the game. But Winning is the whole point of this game and pretty much every other game out there, isn't it? k/d to me isn't any sort of indication of how good a player is. I've played against teams before with 5-12 K/D ratios and they all have similar playing styles, sit in one room together, portable radars, claymores, you name it. C-4 multikill for me, they dashboard. My K/D has been dropping like a bomb lately because I stopped prestiging and started working on gold guns and my titles/emblems for the guns. Currently running around with a lvl 28 dragunov overkill with the model lvl 19. All I want to say is have fun, use different guns, play to win, and remember in like 6 months when the next title drops no one is going to care about mw3 stats.

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    IMO here are the imporant stats in order of importance:


    1. Connection

    2. SPM

    3. KD

    3.5 W/L


    I run an exceptionally high w/l, but an average k/d.  So I am man enough to admit, I would like to have my KD bumped some, but I just can't do it at the expense of my w/l

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    Just party up.


    Nothing increases KD like playing with a party


    1: You don't get thrown into games against other parties, because fair matches must be avoided at all costs, so the game will most often assemble a team of scrubs against you, and then the losers will quit and new will-be losers enter the game without knowing anything about your party or your threath, but because NOT everyone leaves, you will never face a full opponent party except perhaps the first round.

    2: They don't do stupid stuff like the 12-16 year old random players which makes up half the playerbase at all times.


    3: They don't quit on you and your connection will be stable with few host migrations when a partymember hosts

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    I have been playing COD mp since cod 2 came out on xbox. I have read many threads over the years regarding this and all i have to say is: Unless you are talking about ffa then you are wrong. K/D has no basis in objective game modes. There are to many variables involved in a objective game that will make your K/D swing either way. Unless of course you do not play the objective and only care about your k/d.


    As for W/L, it is also not something to look at. This again is very deciving. Having a insanely high W/L only shows one thing. That you party up with good players and play for the win. Anyone that is half descent and is always in a full party should have at the least a 3.00 W/L. You can not yet again judge someone with a bad W/L. That player may be a lone wolf and is always a random against another team. Even if he plays the objective, having 5 bad players on his team is never oing to get him a win.


    So here is how i look at players in my lobby:

    If running solo with a k/d higher than 2.50, that player usually has a bad W/L or dashboards frequently once the game is not in his favor


    High k/d with a full party and good W/L. Means they play the objective and most likely they will poop in your mouth.


    High k/d full party and bad W/L. Means they screw around, dont care about the objective and going to either leave right away or practice there quick scoping and then dashboard.


    The players to be most worried about in TDM or objective games are the players with average k/d's and average w/l's. These teams play the objective for the win or know how to play TDM as a group. They will do what is needed to secure a objective and get the win. No matter what there stats look like after the game.

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    I can agree with that analogy. using both to compare against each other as a baseline is better than just using one or the other to try and determine how good a player was.

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    No, winning is not everything in playing a game. The fun is in just playing the game and wasting time doing so. Or just hanging out with friends online doing something. It is not always about the win for everyone. You can loose a match and still have a great game that was a lot of fun. Winning is just a bonus to some people it is not the win but the actions during the game that matter the most.

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    Lag can be a ***** to K/D..

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    I got a small k/d 1.53 so i can say size doesnt matter, considering most sizeable people i know or come across back out of the hard ones and stay in the easy ones.The best players in my book are the balanced players especially in Objective gamemodes.While individual stats dont give the measure of a shooter,IMO once there looked at collectively the picture becomes clearer of a players ability .Ask your self this, who would develop into the better player. A : some one who focuses on the win and does whats required to achieve this or B: someone solely focused on k/d and manipulates it anyway he can to get it as high as he can. And what one makes for a better more enjoyable game 12 shooters trying to win a game of domination or 12 shooters trying to up k/ds. Debatable yes, but my thoughts none the less   : PS Had to add i'll keep jumping on the flags to get that high score done it 13000 times already this release i aint stopping now ,just to get good ;p

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    I play dominination and i consider myself a good player, Playing the objective is not keep loosing it & keep jumping on the flag getting killed a lot of times, If you play well the objective & DEFEND it the way it should be, you dont get more than 1 or 2 captures a game.


    Playing the objective the way it should, will give you a high KD.


    Why people think that playing the objective is getting killed? Im sorry but if you play the objective and get killed you dont know how to play it.


    Before im going to plant the bomb or capture the flag, i secure the area and only then i do it, so i dont get killed, using the right equipment & attachment is a must. for me that is a good player.

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