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Yes another tread about campers....

Ok we all know that mw3 got worst with the campers, it looks like campers are infected the entire game but i dont understand why they keep camping like they do, i just finished playing on a 80 win streaks and i played against campers and its not even funny anymore and im talking about a player ADS not moving at all waiting with a tactical insertion and in that journey of 80 wins in a row the campers lost all the time, '' camping doesnt pay! '' and they are always negative so why are you campers still doing it if that strat never work and you always go negative...i dont understand seriously....

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    You come here to tell this to the community?? Well i guess you dont know me friend. But im the good guy in this community. Everyone says that camping is fine. Ok but its because people say that the community is becoming infected by campers. Im one of the real gamers out there. Half of these people are fake. They say its easy to counter campers but this game is made for campers. Alot of people hate me on the forum and yet im the guy who tells the truth.


    Heres why people camp:


    - Bullets kill to fast
    - Too many corners

    - spawn system is messed up

    - lag is bad ( If your the host your going to be negative )

    i can keep going



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    redx165 speaks the truth.


    >Made for campers.


    Have you seen the map layouts for anything in the previous CoD games? IW has always had a more layered/corner approach to map-making anyway, and Treyarch, in my opinion, has always had the superior ideas for design. The only spot I think Treyarch doesn't think too much about are those who are spawn-trapped in certain game modes. Then again, that's no ones fault but your own...


    IW/SH has tried to fix all this (kinda assuming here) with the lag system and spawning, but all that's done is... well, I'm sure you've born witness. If not, read nearly any thread.

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    I do what's called offensive placement and defensive placement. If i know someones running around the corner john Rambo style before he goes around the corner, a little red dot and tracer tells me someones around the corner. I post up and wait for his second fatal mistake. When i kill them I'm called a camper. The thing is there is a thin line between camping and posting up. Campers lay in wait the same place almost the entire match not really knowing if someone is going to come pass them or not (most likely someone will run past).


    Regardless if we like it or not camping is always going to be apart of any fps game or war game. Everyone has their own play style, no matter if its camping, run n gunning or what have you.

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    Nothing wrong with patrolling an area or playing smart.

    Same reason I think people are stupid for calling someone tryhard. It's like - Ok, I'm try hard because I didn't run at you with a P99 and 1-shot kill you in the head after doing a 720? You're a freaking idiot, dude.

    I hate those *******.

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    I've played against a whole team last night on Bootleg playing KC.

    The whole team was laying on the ground on the side of the board where A flag is in Dom. with TI's.

    Tell me that is not camping?

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    I don't understand why anyone thinks camping was not around before this game? Dude there's no way to change someone's playing style. Why is that so hard to understand, play your game get your kills, double check routine corners and kill them all!


    And let me get this straight you owned the campers and yet you post as if it was a problem?


    If you owned them common sense says, allow them to keep it uo and get your easy to kils! Don't complain about them, just KILL THEM ALL and learn from mistakes and learn the obvious hiding spots!

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    campers are allways gonna camp its a playstlye i hate campers but what can u do rushin is a playstyle that i my self love to do so i do run into campers or people holdin down a area alot sometimes i win sometimes i lose campers and rushers clash all the time the to playstlyes are so balanced out its a case of who uses the map better only type of camper i think is so bad in the game are the campers all set up like a ghost just sitting in 1 spot not playin with or for the team just been a dirty camper waitin for someone to walk by there ads on there gun

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    I started with MW2 and there were plenty of corner campers in that title as well.  And there were so many buildings to hide in, a campers PARADISE!!!  This is definitely not a new thing exclusive to this title, it's been here since I've started playing this game. 

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    to Redx165, you are right there are plenty of areas for players to hide behind and avoid direct face to face combats. But what do you expect? People to run about? It wont happen, I do not camp, but I do not run about looking to get shot. I'd rather kill and then be killed.

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