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    Yeah im going to try and put this in my dual com, it really is some good ideas and it is ballanced too

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    Send me the video link once it's posted. I'll love to watch the video!

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    ZaTaisho wrote:


    I never said it was going to give you double EXP, besides, it shouldn't block off all the perks, then you would be changing the system, thus bringing in negative effects to a perk that isn't needed.


    No you didn't say about double Xp i did if you actually read what i wrote, i said that the name of the perk is unfitting. You can't really Pick challanger and get more xp or cod points with only losing to benefit of one perk IMO.


    You asked for opinon, then when some one gives you a opinion of something you don't like it. You didn't say how much increased % percent there was from using challanger.

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    @ ALPH4_T3CHN1QU3


    Please, send me the link too.

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    I didn't mean any disrespect or offense on your opinion.


    Here is what the perk does in general: I had it so that players would increase 50% of the original value added as their extra gains.

    e.g. If I killed someone for 100xp, with the Challenger Perk, I will gain 150xp instead.

    If I call in a Killstreak that gets me 300xp, then it would give me 450xp instead. (300/2=150+300=450)


    Every kill you earn will gain 100xp for your Weapon and Player (Player gains depend on Gametype).

    COD Points are a mystery...so I might say that you earn more COD Point gains when you finish a match, instead of quiting mid-game.


    Hope that clears the Perk up.

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    Final Update #2 has been made!


    Check it out and let me know how it is!

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    This is a great perk system. Not much room for improvement.

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    Do you have anything in mind that you THINK that can be an improvement?

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    Awesome perk System, the only things i would change would be to take Challenger out and Put in One Man Army. (One Man Army should replace Specialist Pointstreaks...not so OP)

    I would also want BOTH pro versions available for use after prestiging halfway to the maximum.


    Also, Ninja pro should have enemy footsteps louder and SILENCE FRIENDLY footsteps.


    Some other abilities/ideas i found on other websites cool:

    I like the idea of combining 2 pro perks from different tiers together to create a NEW HIDDEN ABILITY! (name it Elite?)  this should be available to players who have reached the maximum level of prestige FINALLY MAKING IT WORTHWHILE TO DO SO! Every new ability will be somewhat of a secret Easter Egg. (You will manually choose which two pro perks to combine and you dont loose the abilities used from those pro perks as well)



    Some cool abilities i found...


    Faking death (Phantom Pro+Ninja Pro?)

    Reloading while sprinting (Lightweight Pro + Slight of hand Pro?)

    Less damage from Attack dogs (Flak Jacket Pro + Shell Shock Pro?)

    Dropping Ammo Packs for team (Scavenger Pro + Recon Pro?)

    Dropshot Faster?? (Lightweight Pro + Phantom Pro?)

    Silenced Weapons show on radar (Recon Pro + Ninja Pro?)

    25% less damage while Dolphin diving (Lightweight Pro+ Shellshock Pro?)

    Steal enemy carepackages, call in Pointstreaks, defuse bombs and capture flags 2x FASTER (Sabateur Pro+ Steady Aim Pro?)

    Every 2 assists counts as kill towards Kill/death ratio (Hardline Pro + Recon Pro?)

    Collect and use enemy equipment found! (Scavenger Pro+ Sabateur Pro)

    Keep 3 weapons after picking up enemy weapon! (Scavenger pro+ Warlord Pro)


    The list goes on and on!! If some of you feel that these are too OP i say this... if you have spent countless hours of playtime online and finally reached the max prestige i feel as if you deserve some extra goodies to kick some major ass. for those of you that suck... well too bad. lol let me know what you guys think! add some more combinations too!

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    I have created the FINAL installment to the Perk System.

    This SHOULD be final for real, but things can change from the community's reactions.


    Do you think the system is complete?


    Do you think that there is a change you would like to offer? Explain...