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Thank You MW3...


For putting me in games that have ended and get put on the losing team, giving me free losses, having absolutely flawless hit detection, and a company that seems to care. After 12 patches, the akimbo FMG's are still OP as ****, the Striker is still powerful (Put a fire cap rate like the USAS and it's fine), lag compensation is STILL bad, the spawns are worst, and the knife is the same bs.


I would also like to thank this community for making me run around the map 5000 times looking for you and to find out, you've been sitting in a corner, laying down in a headglitching spot, or both of those in a building. I also love the variety of weapons I see. Seeing the ACR, MP7, and PP90M1 all the time is fantastic and is great to see that only 5 weapons are in this game. I don't expect any kind of sympathy from any of you because all I'll get is hate and to be honest, I expect that from all the immature ***** in this community and even if you want to call it that. Oh yeah, Final Stand and Dead Mans Hand, best. Deathstreaks. Ever.