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S&D Clan - PS3/US

I really hate to post on here looking for members. Feel like a 12 year old...


Clan - Team USBP (C4IK / 22 Members)


Clan K/D - Who cares? We're in it to win it. This aint TDM.


Clan W/L - About 90% of our members have a W/L of 3:1 or higher.


Clan Mentality - We usually have tons of people online on the weekends, and most of us are drunk and still win nearly every match. There is no age limit, but most of us are between 19 and 27, with a few 14 year olds. We play to have fun, but winning is a good priority. I enlist us all in every Clan Op, even if I'm the only one that is going to do it, so we can get our 250xp.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask away. I should be able to answer them all. If I think of any other info, I will post it.