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internet lag, or hackers, do they ruin your gaming?

I'm a prestige level player, NOT bragging, only level two, just sayin for experience reference.


I am consistently in the bottom half of my team, not bragging.

I routinely have people kill me with 1-3 shots, many times from around a corner, before I can see them.

Some of these opponents have super fast speed, yah, I wish I was running juiced as much as I see others running that way.  Are they hackers?

do you have to wait for the replay to see how you died?  Now I'm running assassin perk mostly, so how are these guys seeing me so fast?

How do they run across the bridge, shoot and kill me, in a valley, before I can level up my gun.  No, they don't stop and shoot me, they are shooting while running perpendicular to me and only need one or two shots to kill me.  Not a sniper, running with an assault rifle.

No I don't suck, this game is just not putting everyone on a level playing field.

I've been told my high speed cable connection causes me a penalty, true?.

I can usually spot the bad hackers, repeated glitching during the game, severely high scores, 4000+, abnormally high KD ratios, these are easy tells.


I love this game, but I can only play for a certain amount of time before I have to shut it down due to frustration.

Hackers, I hope you get your just desserts, COD, fix your gaming.  I don't have time to do scientific computer research to find a way to enjoy this as an average gamer, that's your job and why we pay the money for your game.


Rant over for now...