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The Anti-Camper UAV


DISCLAIMER: This is not a camper hater thread


I have an idea for a in-game feature that could help (solve?) the camper issue (lol assuming it is really an issue).  There is nothing wrong with taking a break to reload, or when you know you are in a decent spot to pick off a few players... but nobody seems to like ADS corner campers who are not doing very much for the team.


The solution: The camper beacon


Not a killstreak, or anything that has to be earned, but a indestructible spy plane that that works for both teams.  If any player is stationary in a certain spot (or area of small radius) for x seconds, they start to flash on the HUD (maybe even their direction is pointed out) until they move out of that spot for x seconds (it will at least force someone to "patrol")


(this is not a 100% serious post - just an idea for the people who want true campers dealt with)


Comments welcome, but please, it is not a camper bashing thread (I have no serious issues with any play style - although I do not appreciate people on my team ignoring objectives. It would be a funny game feature though IMHO)

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    it doesn't bother me when people camp it's their playstyle. It's like if the people that camp want a anti rusher perk.

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    How bout a camper that stays in a spot for x seconds flash on radar for another x seconds and if they still camp they explode and die for camping lol and for rusher if they get shot and dont die how bout they bleed out and die XD jk guys i dont mind camper or rusher at all its something all fps have and will never stop so all we can do is enjoy game and dont go back and kill camper for u will get killed by them agian lol and rack up thier streak

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      i feel the same way. there are as many playstyles as there are people playing this game. as long as they're not hacking or boosting there is no rith or wrong way to play this game.

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    Ok, lets all run around like headless chickens.....  I bet you dont mind that camper that is hanging back in your spawn holding it down so the other team can be trapped in thiers do you?  No you dont, so lets just run all over the map so the other team can spawn at my back with an easy kill.


    Think before you start this thread topic over and over and over...... I will NOT change my play style for you or anyone else, I cannot run and gun thanks to rewind/lag/whatever you call it.   I have only gotten into ONE game since release where I got to enjoy the three rounds or less YOUR dead experience, so at this point in the game it brings me great pleasure to ruin anyone's kill streak and hear them complain about it.


    Camping Setup:



    Blind Eye





    Blast Shield

    Sleight of Hand

    DMH is my best friend!

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    ^^^ wow that guy, HHimmler66, ^^ is a douche. 


    Anyways rlbl, you have a decent idea.  I don't play a game mode where people sit in the corner and camp but I have experienced this. 


    Yesterday, I jumped onto HCTDM and WHAT A ******* CAMPFEST IT WAS!!!!   I had to check every corner I ran around for fear of there being an idiot just sitting there waiting for someone to run by.  I played 3 games and couldn't take it anymore.


    Every game I had over a 1.5 k/d ratio and I was running around the entire time.  The guys camping in a corner still went negative b/c, guess what, people found their camp spot that they KEPT on returning to. What IDIOTS!!  If you sit in a corner for more than 5 seconds, I agree, that you should have your dumbass show up on the map. 

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    the best way to resolve an issue with an in game camper is to use your mic, talk to your team. I personally like to use a Javelin.... cause if they hear it and still don't move the deserve to blow up by it.

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    Again this is not a camping basher thread (sorry if it came off as sound as such)... When I use a sniper rifle I camp my ass off (as well I camp when I play dom).


    It was just a funny idea I had while reading a "I hate campers" post.


    As well, on the "running around like headless chickens" comment: That is the other extreme of course.  Everyone has their playstyle... none are bad, none are good.


    (this is not a 100% serious post - just an idea for the people who want true campers* dealt with)


    true campers: people who sit ADS in a corner doing very poorly and not helping out the team in any way shape or form... it is of course, their right to play as such...

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      rlbl, I just wanted to point out the othersides thinking just to be a smart a$$.  I did read at the top "DISCLAIMER: This is not a camper hater thread".


      Now I do have a friend that is a major camper, he has a .39 K/D.  He will spawn and find the nearest corner build a fire pit, pitch a tent, roast marshmello's, hotdogs, and ADS. He is constantly giving the other team killstreaks.  Once he got the final killcam and the other team started giving the guy he killed a real hard time (camper 1kill - 17deaths).


      Only time I will play with him at this point is a private match trying to help the guy understand how to play the game a little better.  Funniest time I have seen in this game was when my son joined us in a private match and friend tried killing him as he ran between obstacles only to come in behind friend and stab him.  Friend was so mad at that point he quit and didnt return for weeks.

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        lol.. no offense taken btw...


        And for the record, I used to be a corner hugging camper (when I started to play years ago). I would run around and get shot all the time, so I found a corner to hide in (did not do well, but got shot less often).


        I started to watch videos on youtube and realized the way to get better was to move around and be mindful of my surroundings.


        I am still not a great player, but I do ok (sometimes do very well)...

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    I think it's a good idea, maybe a support killstreak reward rather than always on. I don't mind bashing campers, even though I sometimes indulge in a bit myself, but really, why sit in a corner or behind cover trying to ads/ headglitch every game? A radar to prevent Perma-Camping gets the thumbs up from me.


    Get out there and run a bit it's fun

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    Could someone please tell me how they defend an objective?

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    rlbl wrote:


    DISCLAIMER: This is not a camper hater thread




    Yet you feel the need to make something to counter it.


    Sorry... this is indeed a camper hater thread, Ms. Pac-man.

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      I guess I hate myself... and if you knew me (by even a post I made in this thread), you would know I do not hate campers, nor do I personally feel the need to have campers dealt with... It was just a spur of the moment thought I had as I read "anti-camper" threads all day long.


      Sometimes, people take things way too seriously (myself included sometimes!)


      (well not really all day long lol)

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    i had same idea think i put it a post before if the player ( camper ) is in a spot for so long for there punishment they get a advanced uav ( black bird ) what ever above them till they are killed why that long well that way there gonna die for it every time and may put a stop to hardcore campers stackin up kills so easy