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Ballistic Vest Hurting Hardcore Search and Destroy.

Every team uses them now it seems. The biggest problem with it though is the complete invulnerbility it seems to give people until it is completle off. You can have 1hp left on the ballistics vest and it seems to complete obsorb a granade or a bullet. Yestarday I got a hit marker with my lmg on the ballistic vest person he run behind a vehicle then blow up the truck which he is right next too. Then hit him with another shot from the LMG which he finally gets me.


I will admit I run them now because well they give a gaint advantage on any situation. And well I am sick of running into ballistic vest enemies without my own on.


I do not mind them on other gameplays really but search and destroy games ballance really does seem to get destroyed with these things. They obsorb headshots from sniper rifles on hardcore. As long has you have HP on your ballistic vest nothing can kill you. Shotguns can be the exception because they use multiabale projectiles so the ballistic vest obsorbs so many of the projectiles then the rest can get through and knifing but that is it.


With search and destroy depending so much on 1v1 situations if one person has one on they get get shot in the head from someone behind them that person has enough time to turn around and kill them without really having to fear there death. and getting the drop on the enemy team is one of the biggest advantages you can have on search and destroy. but when you get the drop on a person are shooting them and they can just turn around spraying while living through all your shots there is something wrong with ballistic vest.

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    The problem in SnD (HC or Softcore) is allowing kills to carry over between rounds period.


    It should be how it was in COD4 and WaW. As it is, the focus in SnD has shifted so much from the objective to just kills in the last few titles that I quit playing it.

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    I don't allow my team mates to have Vest...because I destroy them.

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    Oh that makes sense, I can see so much support usage when its 4 points in one life versus 3 on assault.

    This is not CoD4. To say they shouldnt carry over is impractical.


    I like the idea of making killstreaks fit the game mode.. 

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      derpityderp wrote:


      Oh that makes sense, I can see so much support usage when its 4 points in one life versus 3 on assault.

      This is not CoD4. To say they shouldnt carry over is impractical.


      I like the idea of making killstreaks fit the game mode.. 


      "Impractical"... not tracking... wrong word choice...?


      Unlikely, unpopular... maybe. But warranted as having it carry over significantly changes the way the game is played.

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    Stop whining. BV is what, 5 kills. If you let someone get 5 kills in s and d then you're doing something wrong. Plus it only lasts for one round so what's the problem? Next you'll be complaint that my chopper is unfair, because it's hardcore, and your team didn't expect someone to get a 7 killstreak so no-one has blindeye and I killed your entire team in about 10 seconds.

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      ONE player on the team needs to get a TOTAL of 5 "points";


      Destroying a killstreak
      Getting two assists with hardline pro
      Getting a kill
      Planting or defusing a bomb


      With hardline pro, the killstreak is a 4 killstreak and that player will most likely also have a UAV that helps him and his team get kills.


      Now for the problem:

      Ballistic Vests adds a damage shield that has 50 health.
      It does not simply add 50 health, it adds a damage shield, a shield that has 50 health and does not let any damage through before it breaks.


      That means that in HARDCORE, you can get the Ballistic Vest, get hit once by an AK47 and THEN take a headshot from a .50 barret sniper rifle and survive with... 30 health left.

      THEN you can pick up another ballistic vest from another stack of ballistic vests in the same life and survive another headshot from a barret, or perhaps you'll prefer to survive a direct hit from a predator missile instead.
      The choice is yours.

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      In case you haven't heard the news, Ballistic Vest is under the SUPPORT package, so it's not a matter of trying to end someone's killstreak.


      Vests do ruin HC SnD because often, the battles that go on in SnD are 1v1.


      I honestly loved SnD in CoD4/WaW. I signed up for CoD back in 4 and I fell in love with it early on. I didn't have to worry about spawn campers like in other modes plus there wasn't any killstreaks, except the occasional UAV and the rare airstrike. MW2 changed all that, and I sometimes felt forced to use a stinger because some people would get choppers and ruin the whole thing. Search is most fun without killstreaks. It truly was a gun on gun game type.

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    totally agree, had in mind to open exactly a same thread...think that these vests totally destroyed this gamemode...no matter if you die or not, this support-killstreak stays active and with the possibility to get vests after every 5 kills by selecting only 2 of three slots in it, i guess it's just too easy to get them, as you also get them earlier by placing or defusing bombs, shoot down uav's etc. and by playing against a team, where everyone has vests, it gets totally unbalanced and again, totally destroys the s&d-game-mode, as this vests have TOO much influence about win or loss in a game-mode, where you just have one life...


    came to a point, where i totally lost the fun of playing s&d and also the fun of playing mw3, as this is my favorite gamemode...get sick how the vests destroyed it, as there is no way to counter them and the idea, that only vests can counter vests is a f*****g joke...you have to choose support-killstreak to beat support-killstreak and that can't be the idea behind it...


    i wonder if IW really spent some intelligent thoughts by inventing a thing like that...as the vest makes you also more of a "little juggernaut" instead of simply prevent your "body" from taking 1-2 shots, as you can survive rpg's, headshots and even pave low's and ospreys with it...again, to me, the vests are a f*****g joke, as they also work more than bad...sometimes you need 3-4 bullets to finish it off, sometimes a whole clip isn't enough...


    to me, try always to take things as they are, but have to admit, that the vests seem to be the biggest failure in the mw-series, as you also don't have the possibility to choose bullets that can get through them like there are in real life...a tool to became godlike and to make also smg's, machineguns useless....yes, even rpg's get useless, wtf...as a fan of guns like ump, mp7 or pp90 i have to quit them to have a chance to survive the vests in s&d, and that is desolate !!!


    sad day for the s&d players...forget killstreaks...to fight vests, EVERYONE HAS TO USE SUPPORT to get vests and believe it made the game sloppy...



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    I think they were a bad idea period, people like to know if i put x number of bullets in someone they will die and it isn't the case with idea's like this and certain deathstreaks which leads to frustration and doesn't reward the better player but the one with a massive advantage. In core they are frustrating but in hardcore they are a gamebreaker and they need to put a stop with frustrating stuff like this.

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    @ ghostmanloon. Well 5 or 4 with hardline. You must suck pretty bad if you can not reach that many kills within the first few rounds. Me I have personally pulled out 5 ballistic vest in a game of search and destroy. We where against a clan of six lvl 10s above and we had a clan of 5. The just beat us the last game. This game first round I go 5-0 the first round with a plant. I got ballistic vest and a spy plane. just need 2 more kills next round to get them each again. or assist because I have hardline. We beat them 4-1 because they got there ballistic vest finally one round and where able to have a chance against us. If they had not gotten them it would have been a 4-0 win. This is a team that just beat us last game they where no slouches a very good team working together but because of ballistic vest where gotten so early in the game there skill did not matter anymore even the one random player that went 0-5 the time before went 3-2. They are easy to earn for a average player by at least round 3 or 4.


    But yes as a person just said it is like a shield and until it fully breaks you will not kill your target. With anything as long as there is one point in that shield left. He/She has god like powers to any amount of damage. that does effect gameplay. No more wel placed grenades. Your headshot when he is runnig does nothing leaving you as a sniper open to attack while you pull out your secondary.


    Not whining just explain that this one thing has a gaint effect on search and destroy hardcore. It too easly changes the tides of battle. I want to play search and destroy hardcore or core for that matter for the challange of outsmarting my enemy not trying to see who can tank more damage with there vest.

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    personally i think the whole BV have killed the meaning of hardcore altogether in any game mode, i mean the "increased bullet damage" is totally contradictory if someones wearing a vest. if i have the beat on someone and fire quickest i should be rewarded for being faster and more skillful than the other player yet what happens is i fire quickest but have to put six to 8 bullets into someone while they only fire a couple of shots and kill me as i dont wear a vest.

    the vest arent even consistant i had it once where a i smawed a player point blank range on hardcore and somehow i survived and so did he, i then proceeded to rapidly fire in the range of 5 to 10 bullets into him as he ran away and ducked for cover behind a crate he then poked his head up and i shot him in the face once and he still lived with me only getting a hit marker, he then killed me! i mean go figure! im fed up of shooting someone in the kneecap or face but they are protected by a vest that is around there torso, it defies logic!

    i dont know if some players are mixing perks like blast shield and ballistic vests weather that makes a difference or makes the vests do there job better i dont know but vests are a joke!!!!!

    ive had many a battle and arguements with players over the mic who have been giving me crap claiming there better than me but are to stupid and arrogant to admit that they wudnt killed me the couple of times they did without the vest on, then they say why dont u do the same and wear one and the bottom line is i dont think there fair, so if that means i get killed more so be it, it just makes me strive to be better and im not amazing by a long stretch but i can hold my own.

    its hardcore ffs if you dont like being killed by someone faster than u then play softcore, wow softcore with a vest on that would make u unkillable!!!